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[PRESS RELEASE] “Asian Dream Cup 2014 in Indonesia” 2 June 2014 at Gelora Bung Karno

JAKARTA, March 25th2014- JS Foundation, a foundation built by Park Ji Sung, announcing the fourth annual Asian Dream Cup in Indonesia. The Asian Dream Cup is a charity football match led by Park JiSung and JS Foundation. After last year’s event being held in China, this year’s event will take place in Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta, Indonesia, on June 2nd, 2014. Park Ji Sung created JS Foundation wishing that through football, he could provide hopes and dream for other people. The foundation also wants to promote football in South-East Asia, in particular for youth to get involved in the game. Since established, JS Foundation continues to raise the funds to spread happiness through football. The holding of the Asian Dream Cup is one way to help raising the funds since all the ticket sales will go to charity.

On the press conference day at The Ice Palace Concert Hall, Lotte Avenue Shopping Mall, Park Sung Jong, Ji Sung’s father, came as JS Foundation’s representative. He shared the story of Ji Sung’s long journey to become a great football player and also the reason behind why Ji Sung established JS Foundation.

According to Park Sung Jong, right now his son is really busy with his activities outside South Korea. That’s why he couldn’t attend the press conference. “Park Ji Sung will come and stay for three days in Indonesia for the Asian Dream Cup 2014” said Park Sung Jong. He also personally asked Indonesian to support the Asian Dream Cup 2014 event.

For this year’s Asian Dream Cup, Park Ji Sung will also bring along international football players and a few of South Korean celebrities to join the charity match against Indonesian football players. Before the charity match on 2nd from the match’s ticket.

Mukti Ali Raja and Leo Saputra, Indonesian football player, also attending the press conference as representative from Indonesian All Stars football team that will go against Ji Sung’s team on Asian Dream Cup. Mukti said there’s a big possibility that himself, Bambang Pamungkas, Ponaryo Astaman, of June, there will be training day, open for public. The ticket will be sold separately Firman Utina and other Indonesian football player will play in the match. But they said this isn’t a final line up because they need to see and adjust the player’s schedules first.

Just like previous Asian Dream Cup events, there will be South Korean celebrities participating in the charity match. As for these year, the cast of South Korean famous variety show, Running Man, is confirmed to attend Asian Dream Cup.

Running Man is a famous variety show which is not only popular in its own country but also outside South Korea. Since Asian Dream Cup in 2012, the Running Man casts has taken part in the game. For Asian Dream Cup 2014, Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Kang Gary, HaHa, Lee Kwang Soo and Song Ji Hyo will attend the match.

Monica Ohm, SH Entertainment’s representative, emphasized once again that Asian Dream Cup is a charity match. The match will be held to raise funds and part of the ticket sales will be donated.

In addition to the match, there will be music performance for the audience by special guest. The special guest will provide entertainment during the charity football match. Expect not only a great match, but an entertaining events for both football and non-football fans in Asian Dream Cup.

For an easy access for fans, ticket sales for Asian Dream Cup will be sold online and offline. The ticket price will start from under IDR 100.000 to IDR 2.000.000,-. More info about the players and artists final line up, seat plan and ticket price will available later on official fanpage and twitter account of SH Entertainment Indonesia.


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