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Stellar Released R-19 MV teaser for “Marionette”, Netizens Show Some Dislike

On February 11, girl group Stellar released an R-19 MV teaser for their latest mini album title track, “Marionette”. Netizens who have viewed the teaser show their dislike towards the concept.

Netizens, including YouTube and other sites users in Korea or even worldwide, are paying more attention to the MV teaser rather than Stellar’s song. Some of their comments are “Another one?”, “Do they know what they’re doing?”, and “Why are girl groups these days like this?”. But there are also those who defended Stellar by saying “If you don’t like it then don’t watch it” and “Stop the double standards.”

Prior to the MV teaser release, Stellar have released photo teasers which also has become quite a topic due to it’s sexiness. Meanwhile, the mini album “Marionette” is scheduled to be released today.

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