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After 10 years, Kim Soohyun returns to Greet Fans through “Nice to Meet You” Fan Meeting in Jakarta with Y.O.U Beauty Indonesia

The day that fans of South Korean actor, Kim Soo Hyun, have been waiting for has finally come. The actor Moon Gang Tae in the drama “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” returns to Indonesia after 10 years through a fan meeting titled “Kim Soo Hyun ‘Nice to Meet You’ in Jakarta” which was held by Y.O.U Beauty Indonesia on Sunday, 14 May 2023 at ICE BSD.

The event started with the actor appearing on the stage and greeting the fans who were present, “Selamat sore. Saya Kim Soo Hyun. (Good evening. I’m Kim Soo Hyun),” he said in Indonesian. At the opening of his fan meeting, he shared the latest news about himself currently busy filming the new drama “Queen of Tears” which will air later this year.

Moving on to the next segment, Kim Soo Hyun will play together with five lucky fans. They played the game “True or False” on stage and fans who answered incorrectly would get off the stage. However, until the last question, even though some fans answered wrongly, Kim Soo Hyun still asked them to keep playing and be on stage until the game was over.

Apart from that, this 1988-born actor also shared about his hobby of playing golf and climbing mountains. He also said that he really wanted to go on vacation to Bali and taste fried rice and gado-gado. Even though this is the second time he has visited Indonesia, he is very excited. “This is my visit after 10 years, so I am very happy and excited,” he said. Kim Soo Hyun also shares his skin care routine, namely eating regularly, getting enough sleep, exercising, and don’t forget to always use skincare.

No less exciting than the previous segment, this time there is “Cheesy Pickup Line for Oppa.” Three lucky fans will step onto the stage and give Kim Soo Hyun a bounty with an acrostic poem starting with the letters Y.O.U. Suddenly, all the fans present were amused by the fan’s behavior and Kim Soo Hyun’s reaction, which was so funny with his unstoppable laughter.

In addition, the “Dream High” actor also said several sentences in Indonesian in the “Nice to Meet You Jakarta” segment, including “Hai, apa kabar? (Hi, how are you?)” “Apa kamu sudah makan? (Have you eaten?)” “Apa kamu bahagia hari ini? (Are you happy today?),” “Aku juga bahagia dan senang bertemu kamu di Jakarta (I am also happy and happy to meet you in Jakarta),” and “Aku akan kembali lagi ke Jakarta (I will come back to Jakarta again).”

Until the end of the event, the fan meeting was closed with a fan project video and photos with all the fans. Thank you Y.O.U Beauty Indonesia, we can be part of this fan meeting. See you on the next show!

Reported by: Nur Kurniawati

Cr Photo: Y.O.U Beauty Indonesia

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