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Tilly Birds TO Visit Jakarta For ‘TILLY BIRDS LIVE IN JAKARTA’

Jakarta, 10-05-2023 – Get ready to fly high with Thailand’s multi-award-winning band Tilly Birds for their first solo concert tour series: TILLY BIRDS LIVE IN JAKARTA, on 15 July 2023, 7 PM, at Balai Sarbini Jakarta!

Tilly Birds constantly sweep Thai music charts with their hit releases, such as ‘Same Page’ (181 million views on YouTube, 46 million listeners on Spotify, and covered in the Thai series BadBuddy), ‘Just Being Friendly’ (179 million views on YouTube, 34 million listeners on Spotify, covered by Korean idol P1Harmony and My School President series cast), ‘Until Then’ (124million views on YouTube, 25 million listeners on Spotify, covered by numerous artists such as CLC Sorn, Bright Vachirawit, Gulf Kanawut, and many more), and ‘Can’t Keep Up’ which peakedSpotify, Joox, and local radio charts overnight.

Be on the same page with Tilly Birds, and don’t miss out on their first live performance in Jakarta!

Four categories will be available for the ‘TILLY BIRDS LIVE IN JAKARTA 2023’ with ticket prices ranging from 700 thousand to 2 million Rupiah with tons of benefits. Each category comes with various benefits on top of different visibility levels.

Details of benefits for each category are as below:


○ Price: Rp 2,000,000

○ Benefits:

■ Photo Group 3:6

■ Press conference attendance

■ Signed poster

■ Lucky draw signed t-shirt for 12 pax

■ Official event postcard


○ Price: Rp 1,600,000

○ Benefits:

■ Lucky draw 3:15 photo group for 90 pax

■ Lucky draw signed poster for 10 pax

■ Lucky draw signed t-shirt for 8 pax

■ Official event postcard


○ Price: Rp 1,200,000

○ Benefits:

■ Lucky draw signed t-shirt for 5 pax

■ Official event postcard

● Retro

○ Price: Rp 700,000

○ Benefits:

■ Official event postcard

The local promoter, Lumina Entertainment, will open ticket sales on 16 May 2023, at the official ticketing partner, Fans can buy tickets through’s official website and mobile apps starting from 2 PM West Indonesia Time.


Tilly Birds was formed in Bangkok in 2011, and the members describe it as “a bunch of musicnerds with totally assorted musical backgrounds born and raised in Bangkok, our hometown.” They classify their music as ‘alternativeto explain the band’s distinctive sound and character, which came from Billy, A YouTuber-turned-guitarist/producer who produced the song, Third, The soulful/divo-ish lead vocals, who writes the lyrics and directs music videos, and Milo, the versatile drummer wizard genius, who arranges the music and raps. Tilly Birds has ultimately created their unique style. With each member’s different tastes in music combined (punk rock, new wave, hard rock, brit pop, and soul), the sound of their music has become something wholly new and carries so much originality. The band has also had many influences, including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, Interpol, Phoenix, and White Stripes.

The band name is a wordplay from members ‘Billy’ and ‘Third’. They wish the word ‘bird’ in their brand name to symbolize their music as something that elevates their listeners to a higher place, or in other words, makes them fly when listening to Tilly Birds’ songs.

Tilly Birds debuted on November 1, 2014, with the single Heart in a Cage.’ They have released numerous albums and singles throughout the years, including their hit song Same Page’ (2020), which peaked at number 1 on Spotify, Cat Radio, and Apple Music charts, making them well-known all over Thailand overnight. Their sophomore album ‘It’s Gonna Be OK’ was named NME’s Top 25 Best Asian albums of 2021—tracks including Just Being Friendly’ ft. MILLI and Can’t Keep Uppeaked at number 1 and 2 on Spotify, Joox, and local radio charts, and the MV surpassed one million views within three days after its release. In addition, the song Until Then,’ received the Best Song of the Year. They also received the Best Artist of the Year (Group), Best Album of the Year for their album ‘It’s Gonna Be OK,’ Best Music of the Year (Group) for their duet song with MILLI ‘Just Being Friendly,’ Best Producer of the Year for their producer/guitarist Billy from the 2021 T-Pop Of The Year (TOTY) Music Awards. They were also awarded the Best Asian Artist from Thailand at Mnet Asian Music Awards 2021.

2022 also became the golden year for the band as they brought in four trophies from The Guitar Mag Awards 2022. Tilly Birds received awards for Best Producer of the Year for their producer/guitarist Billy, Best Songwriter of the Year for their vocalist Third, and Single Hits of theYear, all three of which were awards for the song ‘Until Then.’ On top of that, they also won the Best Band of the Year.

Know them better through their social media account on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and the website, and check their music on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Deezer, and JOOX!

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