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pH-1 Delivers Unforgettable Experience at “About Damn Time” Concert in Jakarta

Jakarta was buzzing with excitement on May 6th, 2023, as pH-1 finally took the stage for his long-awaited concert at Sutera Hall, Mall Alam Sutera, Tangerang. The “About Damn Time Tour Asia 2023” concert showcased pH-1’s unique blend of rap and R&B, and the audience was captivated from start to finish.

The night kicked off with an electrifying performance by Ramengvrl, who set the tone for the evening with her high-energy performance. The audience was thrilled by Ramengvrl’s hit songs, including “Vaselina”, “Onto The Next,” “I Am Me,” and “Ca$hmere.” Her performance showcased her impressive talent and undeniable stage presence, leaving the audience craving more.

As the crowd cheered and eagerly awaited pH-1’s appearance, the stage transformed into a vibrant display of lights and sound. The atmosphere was electric as pH-1 made his grand entrance, performing “Meet and Greet”, “Malibu,” “Packitup!”, “Zombies”, “Tipsy” and “Yuppie Ting” and his other hits.

The audience sang along to every word and danced in unison to the beats of the music, with pH-1’s unique blend of rap and R&B captivating the crowd. His performance of “Cupid” was a particular standout, with the audience swaying to the soulful melody and lyrics.

The highlight of the night came when Ramengvrl was joined on stage by pH-1 for their hit collaboration, “Ain’t No MF.” The chemistry between the two artists was palpable, and the audience went wild as they performed together.

The concert ended with a stunning encore, with pH-1 performing “Sorry Mama” and “Hate You” before bidding the crowd farewell. Fans left the venue feeling satisfied and energized after a night of unforgettable music.

Overall, the About Damn Time Tour Asia 2023 was an unforgettable night that showcased the best hip-hop music. Fans will undoubtedly be talking about this concert for years to come, and we can only hope that pH-1 will grace us with their presence again in the future.

Reported by: Raras
Cr Images: Korean Updates & CK Star Entertainment ID

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