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pH-1 and Indonesian Fans Create Moments of Love and Gratitude at ‘About Damn Time’ Concert in Jakarta

Fans of the South Korean rapper pH-1 were treated to an unforgettable night during his “About Damn Time” concert in Jakarta’s Sutera Hall. Not only did the rapper deliver an electrifying performance, but he also went above and beyond to show his appreciation for his Indonesian fans.

In addition to his electric performance, pH-1 also gave back to his fans by offering fan service. Lucky fans were gifted signed t-shirts, signed CDs, and signed Polaroids. The gifts were a small token of appreciation for their support.

But the love and admiration went both ways during the concert. Indonesian fans came together to create a special fan project for Harry, using orange banners to spell out their message: “We like you for no reason, Harry!” The banners were hidden before Harry began singing “Like Me”, and as the song reached its climax, the fans proudly held them up for all to see.

Harry was visibly moved by the display of love and support from his Indonesian fans. He praised their enthusiasm and even remarked on their politeness, saying, “People here are so polite. Are you always like this, or is it just because you’re my fans?” The crowd erupted in laughter, delighted by Harry’s playful banter.

The concert was a huge success, leaving fans in Jakarta buzzing with excitement. Many took to social media to share their experiences and express their gratitude to pH-1 for coming to Indonesia. And while the concert may be over, the excitement is far from finished. Indonesian fans eagerly await pH-1’s next concert, hoping for another unforgettable experience, see you again!

Reported by: Raras
Cr Images: Korean Updates & CK Star Entertainment ID

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