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“2023 JI CHANG WOOK FAN MEETING in BANGKOK”, so satisfying! Equation of waiting 6 years packed with specialness from the beginning and ends with a full graph for the event “2023 JI CHANG WOOK FAN MEETING in BANGKOK” fan meeting in Thailand in the past 6 years of the hottest hero “Ji Chang Wook” which is the end of the Asia Tour in the most satisfying way. by the organizer, Grand Prix International Public Company Limited, full of fun. Along with giving a special prize to the lucky winners who buy tickets to attend both Cool BMW G310R motorcycle worth 265,000 baht and RADO Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic luxury watch worth 136,900 baht on Saturday, April 8th at Royal Paragon Hall, 5th floor, Siam Paragon Shopping Center.

The fun began from the opening of the event. “Ji Chang Wook” appeared on stage with a soft look. Ready for the first show with the song Do You Believe In Magic (당신 마술을 믿습니까), the theme song for the series The Sound of Magic (안나라 수마나라), a beautiful song that he showed his power in the midst of the loud screams from the fans. Before entering the first part, he talk about his various works, After that, it was time to play the game where lucky lucky fans were randomly drawn to play games with him closely. This event makes Lucky fans very happy. with cuteness Ji Chang Wook’s friendly Including his friendliness that everyone fell in love In addition, there is also a moment that the lucky fans of three worlds are satisfied, called not seeing each other for a long time. Come back this time, he is in top form.

Ji Chang Wook continued to serve happiness with “To the Butterfly (나비에게)” from “Empress Ki” (기황후) and “Kissing You” from “7 First Kisses” (첫 키스만 일곱). 번째) At this event, the fans can be heard because of the beautiful voice. Ready to make eye contact with Ji Chang Wook. Then came the moment when the fans in the hall participated. and have fun with Ji Chang Wook again By taking pictures together through the screen with lucky fans who will receive a Polaroid picture as a souvenir. Before continuing with a period to increase blood sugar for Ji Chang Wook to taste famous Thai desserts like “Khanom Look Chub, iced tea and longan juice” that Chang Wook liked because he tasted it for the first time. Before coming to Tell Me Your Wish – The Sound of Magic, where Ji Chang Wook was ready to fulfill the request of the fans. To come true in this part, no matter what request is requested Ji Chang Wook completes it without hesitation. Cute. No rest. It’s true to the saying that you can fall in love with the same person over and over again.
And it’s time for a great highlight that must be given to a new dimension of the fan meeting. When the organizers have prepared 2 spectacular prizes for fans in the hall: a cool BMW G310R motorcycle worth 265,000 baht and a luxury RADO Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic watch worth 136,900 baht. By having a young man, Ji Chang Wook, is the person who draws this special prize himself. And he said it was a special gift besides what we had met for the lucky fans as a good memory. and a new experience one time After a period of excitement time of fin arrives with the addition of a graph of happiness for the fans as intended Ji Chang Wook grabbed the microphone to sing two more songs, ‘Even though I loved you’ from the musical ‘The Days’ and ‘101 Reasons Why I Like You’ from the soundtrack. Suspicious Partner (수상한 파트너) drama

Ending Part , “Ji Chang Wook” took a picture with the fans, but found a surprise back with a project sign telling the heart from the fans that “We will always be there ALWAYS BE WITH YOU.” ”Made him extremely happy. Say love back in Thai, “I love you.” Then Ji Chang Wook returned to sing an encore song, ending the event with ‘I Will Protect You (지켜줄게)’, the theme song from the Healer series (힐러) and I read a heartfelt letter Before saying goodbye to the Thai fans, thank you for giving us a warm welcome every time we meet. And today is another day that will be in his memory forever. This event is considered to be a happy, fun ending and is the day that “Ji Chang Wook” and Thai fans have spent a good time together. The equation has been waiting for 6 years.

Photo & Article by: Grandprix


  1. Margaret Moore // April 16, 2023 at 1:19 AM // Reply

    you are a great actor,
    i have watch your movies some i watch a lot. i live in north carlina uas i live in montian of cantion nc, love you movies. like to see more on nexflix


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