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[Press Conference] ‘VACATION’ Lee Je Hoon Fan Meet in Jakarta

For the first time, Lee Je Hoon greeted his fans in Indonesia through the “Vacation” Lee Je Hoon Fan Meeting in Jakarta, which was held on Sunday, March 19, 2023, at the Ballroom of the Pullman Hotel Jakarta Central Park. At this event, Koreanupdates had the opportunity to attend a press conference before the fan meeting took place. Are you curious about Lee Je Hoon’s questions and answers.  Let’s see more below!

Q: How do you feel about starring in the second season of “Taxi Driver”?

Actually, the first season was very successful, so I was very happy to be given the opportunity to play season 2 again, but I also felt that this was a burden where I had to perform better than before, and it all paid off because the response from the audience for season 2 was very good, so I didn’t worry again.

Q: Is there any special preparation for the characters in “Taxi Driver” Season 2?

So in every episode I have to play a different character, especially in season 2 there are many unique characters and I really enjoyed the shooting process.

Q: Is there a character change in “Taxi Driver” Season 2?

Maybe the change in season 1 of Kim Do Ki’s character was very dark, but in season 2, he has now become like a family in Rainbow Taxi, and his character also laughs more and is more cheerful than before.

Q: Are there special exercise in preparation for “Taxi Driver” Season 2?

So when I first got the script, in the first episode it turned out that there was already an undressing scene, I was very surprised.  I finally decided to exercise for 2 hours a day and adjust my diet.

Q: Is there anything that makes this season different from the previous one?

In fact, nothing has changed in character. But actually at the beginning there were plans for some changes, but in the end they didn’t happen. In my opinion, this also doesn’t need to be done so that the audience from the first season can still enjoy and get the same feeling when watching season 2.

Q: Is there anything special that makes Indonesian fans have to watch “Taxi Driver” Season 2?

So I feel that “Taxi Driver” is a drama where each episode has a different story so that the audience won’t get bored. Please watch season 2!

Q: What are your hopes and expectations for this drama? 

Because in the first season, “Taxi Driver” received a very positive response.So before it aired, my expectations were quite high, and as soon as I started filming, I started to feel burdened because the characters in season 2 were more varied, so I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to play my character according to the script that had been so well made. My hope is that with the same team, Rainbow Taxi can continue fot season 3.

Reported by: Nur Kurniawati

Photo by: Viu Indonesia

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