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Our Handsome Taxi Driver Lee Je Hoon Finally Had a Vacation Through His Fan Meeting In Jakarta

“Taxi Driver” star Lee Je Hoon, who has stolen the hearts of many drama audiences around the world, has just held his first fan meeting in Indonesia entitled ‘VACATION’ Lee Je Hoon Fan Meet in Jakarta on Sunday, March 19, 2023, at the Ballroom Pullman Hotel Central Park Jakarta. The event, which was attended by the Hoonists (Lee Je Hoon’s fan name), was successfully held and made the night unforgettable.

This event was also his first arrival in Indonesia, and the fans were so enthusiastic about welcoming the handsome actor from South Korea. Lee Je Hoon’s Fan Meeting consists of several segments, all of which are certainly very fun, starting with Q&A sessions, games sessions with Hoonist Indonesia, and not forgetting to show off his talent as a singer until showing off his muscles.

He opened his fan meeting by appearing on stage wearing a beige suit and carrying a suitcase as if he was going on vacation. Around 1,800 fans who were present screamed hysterically when their actor suddenly appeared on stage. He then greeted his fans in Indonesian “Apa kabar? Saya Lee Je Hoon,” he said.

In the Q&A session with MC Indra Herlambang, Je Hoon admitted that he likes Indonesian food, such as Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, and Rendang. He even crowned himself as an ambassador for Mie Goreng. “Anyone want to make me fried noodles?” he asked fans. The actor Kim Doki in the series “Taxi Driver” also turned out to be very playful on stage, so cheerful that he excited the fans with his cute act. The actor wasn’t even shy about teasing the fans who were present by showing off his body muscles, pretending as if he was exercising at home. That was what made his fans scream and go crazy.

After being bewitched by his good looks and showing off his abs on stage, Hoonist was again treated to Lee Je Hoon’s charming appearance by covering LANY‘s song “Thick and Thin” on stage. Everyone present melted at the sound of his singing. After that, the actor born in 1984, returned to the stage wearing more casual clothes and continued the next session. Yes, it’s time to play games with fans. From these games, two lucky fans were chosen. They were also asked to go on stage and receive hugs from Lee Je Hoon. The fan service is truly extraordinary, making everyone there jealous.

When asked how he felt seeing the fans who were present, Lee Je Hoon admitted that he was amazed by the extraordinary reception from fans in Indonesia. For him, this is a moment that will not be easily forgotten. “I have planned this fan meet since the pandemic was declared over because I want to meet all of you,” he said. At the end of the event, he didn’t forget to take pictures with fans from various angles and promised to return to Jakarta as soon as possible. “I promise I’ll be back. Wait for me. Until we meet again,” he said.

This is the end of our vacation with Lee Je Hoon. Thank you to Viu Indonesia for allowing us to have a wonderful show with our lovely actor Lee Je Hoon, and see you at the next event!

Reported by: Nur Kurniawati
Photo by: Nur Kurniawati & Viu Indonesia

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