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Full Happiness From Tiffany Young in Forever Wishing Thailand

KPop hottest queen, Tiffany Young finally back to Thailand for “Tiffany Forever Wishing 2023” in Bangkok. Organized by CM Live and affiliated with CMO Public Company Limited located in Thunder Dome was succesfully bring the happiness for 3.500 Thai Young Ones.

Tiffany hit the stage with “I Just Wanna Dance”, song from her first mini album titled I Just Wanna Dance, too. Perform with sweet pink gown, Tiffany brings Thunder Dome more hotter with her perform Villain and Roxie while she showed it together with dancing. Not forgetting the pink ocean, it makes her more energic, positive energy from her shows through her eye smile. How sweet it was!

Tiffany also had an friendly chit – chat with the MC, Tiffany said she was very excited to come to Thailand and meet all the Thai Young Ones. another friendly chit – chat with the MC, Tiffany was asked how she managed the obstacles during her hard times, Tiffany said she still able to deal with positive energy from her own feeling. Tiffany shared her thought to the audiences that “tomorrow will be a good day, pass all the obstacle we had with positive energy. Be confident”. Tiffany shared this positive quotes while she told all the audience were beautiful.

Also, during the chit – chat, everyone kept shouting “Tiffany so beautiful” and it makes her smile for a whole event. MC asked about her character “Roxie Hart” in broadway called “Chicago”. Tiffany shared how hard herself to make it work. She said that even the stage rehearsal were very hard. Tiffany said it might be Chicago season 2, she asked us to wait and see. Promise?

Another fun moment that can’t be missed from Tiffany Forever Wishing 2023 is the Lucky Fan moment, where Tiffany randomly selects the lucky winners to play the game “Chubby Bunny” where all 7 lucky people have to compete with marshmallows in their mouths and say the words “Forever Wishing” in a clear voice.  Continued with the game “Tiffany Young & Fan Story” and Let the lucky winner compete in a dance where the fans fight each other to the fullest.  But it’s worth it.  Because the winners of both games took selfies with “Tiffany” up close on stage.

Tiffany good bye to each other with the song “FOREVER 1”, the song that everyone has been waiting for.  When the song ended, Tiffany told the fans that “Forever Wishing” was a word that meant a lot to her.  And she hope it means something to everyone.  She was touched and grateful to be loved by everyone.

A surprise project from fans  and atmosphere in the hall  Everyone held up a sign that read “Wishing To Be Forever Young1” became another memory picture until the person could not hold back the tears, cried and thanked the fans  who always gives love and support  Promise to pay back with good works  and be a good person  Let everyone remember to take care of their health before leaving the stage.

The loudness in encore continued calling Tiffany to return to the stage again in a cute pink costume with the song “Lucky like that” that both sang and danced.  It’s the final song for the fan meeting “Tiffany Young Fan Meeting in Bangkok 2023” that goes beautifully, filled with fun and full of happiness in every moment.

We would like to thanks to CM Live for the invitation. We are looking forward more of these!

Photo by CM Live

Article by Shirikan and Azzam Aljundi.

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