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Rising Star Lee Jae Wook Talks About Happiness and Love on His First Fan Meeting in Jakarta

Rising star Lee Jae Wook landed in Indonesia for the first time to hold a fan meeting titled “2023 LEE JAE WOOK ASIA TOUR FAN MEETING <FIRST> IN JAKARTA” on February 25, 2023, at 6:30 PM WIB in The Kasablanka Hall. 

Lee Jae Wook surprises Izzimos (the name of the actor’s fans) with his tall figures and even more stunning looks in real life. That night, the actor stood up on the stage wearing a white and black jacket with a comma hairstyle and flex his deep voice by singing Paul Kim’s song “Every Day, Every Moment“. 

Before officially start the “#1 Lee Jae Wook TMI” segment, the actor revealed he tried Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) and it tastes amazingly good.

The first segment is to talk about happiness and love. Lee Jae Wook unveiled that the moment of meeting the fans is a happy moment for him. Meanwhile, in his daily life, he feels happy when he eats. Regarding his work, he feels happy when he gets awards, meets with the fans, and no one gets hurt while shooting.

Next, we talk about love. In the ‘Balance Game’, Lee Jae Wook was given two options and had to choose one. Below, we summarize fun facts and the actor’s preferences on love:

  1. He believes in first love
  2. He chooses his girlfriend to be kind to everyone rather than being indifferent
  3. He wants to spend time with an extrovert girlfriend
  4. He prefers going on an unplanned date
  5. Lee Jae Wook prefers a girlfriend who has the same sense of humor with him
  6. He wants to make up right away after a small fight but it all depends on how big the problem is 
  7. He will ask ‘What’s wrong?’ to his girlfriend who gets mad, even though he’s sure there’s nothing wrong before

After the fans get to know deeper about Lee Jae Wook, it’s the actor’s turn who wants to know the reason why the fans fell in love with him. 

Some stories from lucky fans are displayed on the screen. They poured their feelings to the actor. One of the fans revealed that Lee Jae Wook motivated her so she managed to get a scholarship in Yonsei University. 

After hearing all the stories, the actor expresses his feelings, “Actually, I (my job) was just acting, but it feels like a lot of fans have been inspired and their lives have changed because of me. The stories I got today are really cute and I’m happy to hear them. I think I’m falling in love with Indonesia even more.”

Marked as his first fan meeting since debuted in 2018, Lee Jae Wook left a good impression to Indonesian fans. Along with Izzimos, that night we were the happiest as our Saturday’s night was well spent with our beloved young actor Lee Jae Wook!   

Reporter: Mutia Drajat

Photo credit: Mecima Pro

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