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Indonesian Fans Swoon Over ‘Extrovert Boy’ Lee Jae Wook

Lee Jae Wook who debuted in 2018 already caught K-drama fans’ attention with his small appearance in “Memories of The Alhambra”. Since then, in 2019 he started to star in various dramas such as “Search: WWW” which successfully shows great chemistry with the co-star, and “Extraordinary You” which caused second-lead syndrome among K-drama fans. Through his first fan meeting “2023 LEE JAE WOOK ASIA TOUR FAN MEETING <FIRST> IN JAKARTA”, we have a chance to talk about his latest drama that received a high rating, get massive love globally and even more blows up his name, “Alchemy of Souls” series. Lee Jae Wook revealed the comparison between season 1 and season 2 is he’s having a hard time in season 1 because his character is weak. Meanwhile, in season 2, as the character grows much stronger, the fight scenes are easier with just a simple action. 

Lee Jae Wook‘s fan meeting consists of several segments: singing performances, Q&A sessions, and games sessions with generous gifts for the fans. We pointed out that Lee Jae Wook‘s outgoing personality makes the fan meeting so much fun and it brings a sweet interaction with the fans. Throughout the show, he removed the barrier between the artist and fans. He makes sure the fan meeting run interactively as he keeps responding to the fans, gives them a great reaction, and imitates the fan’s gestures cutely. 

In the new segment, Lee Jae Wook made a new entrance through the back door. In a green shirt, he walks from the back section, waves, greets and approaches fans in every section. Looking at this, the fans are thrilled and greet their favorite actor enthusiastically.

The actor who’s top excellent on acting, continue his stage performance with “Tomboy” by Hyukoh. Along with his singing, the fans’ loud fanchant echoed throughout the venue.

It is a sign that we are near the end of the show when a fan project video is played on the screen. Izzimos presented a video for the actor, containing the actor’s filmography and a sweet message for Lee Jae Wook. After watching the video, Lee Jae Wook shared that he feels goosebumps. “This is the first time for me, so I am very touched. Every time I come to the fan meeting I feel touched to the point I am confused about what this feeling is. I’m so happy,” he said.

After around 2.5 hours, Lee Jae Wook wrapped up the fan meeting with his final ment,

First, I want to say thank you so much. This will be a great motivation for me to live my life as an actor. But promise me, if I hold a fan meeting again, you will come again, right? It’s a shame that the duration was short, I also want to spend all day with all of you. These will all be great memories for me. I’m really touched thanks to you. Thank you so much and I love you.”

Though it is the actor’s first fan meeting in Indonesia, rather than just a show, the intimate and friendly atmosphere makes it feels like we are gathering to talk and meet an old friend after a long time.

Just like Lee Jae Wook who said, “I’ll be back,” we also will wait for his return to other projects and come back to hold a fan meeting again here. We can not wait to see his growth as an actor. Until we meet again!

We thank Mecima Pro for inviting us to the fan meeting and letting us enjoy the fan meeting with the rising star yet humble artist like Lee Jae Wook!

Reporter: Mutia Drajat

Photo credit: Mecima Pro

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