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[Press Conference] Lee Jaewook and How ‘2023 LEE JAE WOOK ASIA TOUR FAN MEETING (FIRST) in Jakarta’ Means to Him

Since his debut in 2018, Lee Jaewook finally holds his first-ever fan meeting tour, 2023 LEE JAE WOOK ASIA TOUR FAN MEETING <FIRST>, which started in his hometown Seoul, South Korea on 14 January. The actor also visits Indonesia for the first time through this tour as it includes Jakarta as one of the stops. Before 2023 LEE JAE WOOK ASIA TOUR FAN MEETING <FIRST> in Jakarta on 25 February, the actor shared with us his thoughts through Press Conference that was held on 24 February.

Please introduce yourself.

Apa kabar? Saya Lee Jaewook. (T/N: Indonesian of “How are you? I am Lee Jaewook.”)

You come to Indonesia for the first time for this fan meeting. Please give your thoughts.

The country is quite far (from Korea) so I feel thankful for the warm welcome. I hope that we can make good memories here.

Is there any place in Indonesia that you really want to visit?

I have seen Bali a lot but never got the chance to go there.

Is there any food that you want to eat when you finally visit Indonesia?

Nasi Goreng is a famous (Indonesian) food but I have yet to try it so I want to eat that.

What is your hope from Indonesian fans?

I saw some fans last night at the airport and I could feel the passion so I hope they won’t lose that (passion) and keep supporting me.

This fan meeting tour is your first. How do you prepare for it?

Because the fans come to see me, I prepare a lot of games and I also prepare according to each country’s characteristics. Because I don’t have any special talents, I also practiced hard for my singing.

How do you feel about doing this fan meeting tour?

I was really nervous at first but as we can show each of ourselves (him & fans) I can enjoy doing this more now.

You have been so busy these days so what do you usually do whenever you have free time?

Because I have been busy, I rest while watching dramas or movies.

What kind of day do you see as a perfect day for you?

A perfect day…(It is perfect when) I can eat three meals a day. When I can rest comfortably with no fixed schedule, which is a day that I haven’t experienced in a while because I still have lots of things to do. I really like it when I can fully rest so a perfect day for me would be a day when I can completely rest.

You always look fit. Is there any workout tip that you can share?

I feel I work harder if I think that it can be any time that I have to show myself. So instead of telling myself that I have to be healthy, the thought that I might have to use (this body) sometimes becomes my driving force.

If you can go on a date with Indonesian fans, where do you want to go? And please also share your reason (why do you choose that).

Temple*? Isn’t there one that is really popular? I once saw through a TV program and the temples* look really warm. (Also) because I really like taking pictures, I will take a really good one and then rest a bit.
*The word that he used could either mean Temple or Mosque, but we choose temple instead because he then mentioned it in a plural expression so we think that he might mean Prambanan Temple.

Can you please share any memorable moments from your filming experience?

I once filmed in a place named Mungyeong and it is a place that is kind of hard to get to from Seoul. You have to ride a bus and train to get there but (even if it is hard) there were international fans who visited Mungyeong. I realized that Alchemy of Souls could even make them go there so it was memorable.

Which is your favorite character among the ones that you have played so far?

I like all of them, but because Alchemy of Souls was filmed for a very long time, Jang Uk became my favorite.

Among the co-stars who you have worked together with, who is the one that is the most similar to you in terms of personality?

Press: Seungho! Seungho!

Lee Jaewook: Seungho? Shin Seungho? Seungho has a really bright personality. He has played a lot of villain roles so he might look rough, but he’s actually really cute and cheerful so I think he is kind of similar to me.

Is there any genre of drama or movie that you specifically would like to try?

I want to try to play a strong character so I always say that I want to act in a noir project. I would say that I want to experience working in that genre.

What do you think of K-Drama popularity worldwide, including in Indonesia?

I just feel thankful for that. Because along with the growing popularity (of K-Drama), I also can receive a lot so I just would like to be thankful.

Can you please share your future plan with us?

Every day is different for me so it can be varied, but for the time being, I would like to focus on acting and I also wish that I can meet with good projects.

2023 has just started, can you at least tell us your plan for this year? It seems like people want to know more about it.

Because I always like to do many works, I think I will still be focusing the most on filming (projects). Thankfully I have received a lot of scripts (/offers) so I wish I can show you a lot of things.

Will you come to Indonesia again?

Yes. It’d be great to (come again to) do something like this.

Please give us a little bit spoiler for the fan meeting. What have you prepared for Indonesian fans?

I can’t give a lot of spoilers, but I can tell you that the fan meeting will turn into a memory that is full of fragrances.

What do you want to say to Indonesian fans?

At every stop (of the fan meeting), there is something that I always say. “It’s really hard to love and like someone,” so I would like to say once again that I am really thankful because you give me a lot of interest and love. As an actor, I will try to repay you through good projects. Everyone, see you tomorrow~

Reported by: Rizka Annisa
Photos by: Vanessa Fabiola

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