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Win Metawin has just held his first solo fan meeting in Jakarta, located at The Kasablanka Hall, South Jakarta. Entitled with Win 1st Solo Fan Meeting in Jakarta, the enthusiasm of Snowballpower (name of Metawin’s fans) is getting livelier. This is the first time that fans finally have the opportunity to see Win Metawin perform as a full solo in one event, starting with Win’s talents in singing, acting, modeling, and of course stealing the hearts of Snowballpower!

The fanmeet began, when the MC had a talk show with Win and teased him about what he would present to the lovely audience that night and Win said it was totally secret but he prepared a lot just for Snowballpower. The screams coming from Snowballpower heard the entire hall showing that they couldn’t wait to see Win perform and interact with them. The opening performance was his newest single released in December last year ‘One More Chance’ with his navy casual tuxedo, looked so stunning! 

When Win asked about “What is the meaning of love according to Win?” Win smiled and answered there were 3 of them, the first one is his family and always be on top of his priority (such a family man of him), second is his friends because he always want to make them happy and give hands whenever his friends need him (one call away, he said), and the last but not least is for his fans ‘Snowballpower’ as a longing where he always wants to meet his fans. Win also expressed his gratitude to the fans who have supported him all this time that got a response with applause and lots of love coming from Snowballpower. Valentine’s day just in counting days, Win gave us lots of kisses in the air and said “Selamat hari kasih sayang!” to make Snowballpower feel loved. Win always knows how to win our hearts!

It was getting special, the first time we could see Win semi-baking with decorated cupcakes by drawing a love sign in each cupcake for Snowballpower and fun fact he loves something sweet! By lucky draw, cupcakes were given to Snowballpower according to the number listed on the screen. 

The interaction shared by both Win and Snowballpower became closer during the ‘This or That’ session. The chosen fans can answered ‘This or That’ questions and also said something to Win or when the fans got nervous (of course we do when we meet someone we loved) just waving hands and said “I love you, Win!”. Sometimes, Win responds with “I love you too!” made the fans crazier in love with our baby bunbun (popular nickname of Win Metawin).

We were getting to the end of the fanmeet, Win sang the last song for his last performance ‘That Person Must Be You’ that night with green light dangling from the audience and it was from the fan project prepared by the promoter Lumina Entertainment, which added to the beauty of the atmosphere there. Fans also sang along with Win made us want to keep these memories forever!

To end his show, Win said that he prepared all of his performances that night from all the setlist of songs and concepts hoped Snowballpower liked it. He thanked Snowballpower for always supporting him and promised will come back soon. For all these memorable night, we also want to thank Lumina Entertainment for the opportunity to us witnessed the precious Win 1st Solo Fan Meeting in Jakarta. See you in another spectacular show! 

We would like to thank to Lumina entertainment for the invitation, looking forward more of these.

Reported by Salma Luthfia

Photo by Lumina Entertainment

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