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The REGIME Tour: DPR’s First Time in Melbourne

The last time the group was in Australia was back in 2018 and Melbourne didn’t get a tour date. This time though, we sold out the show within the first couple of hours of ticketing. The DPR (Dream Perfect Regime) team has definitely made a memorable start to their Aussie tour stops with an amazing show held on a chilly Thursday (15/12) summer night. Mind you, we definitely did not feel the cold during the show. 

This has never happened before the REGIME tour, but Scott (the business mastermind in the DPR crew), was seen signing merchandise before the show began as he said he would during the VIP Q&A session. The queue for the signing snaked all the way to the foyer from the upstairs area which showed how enthusiastic people were. 

We start the show with an appearance from DPR Cream. While playing tunes and hyping out the crowd, fans were dancing along and bringing up their energy level with the amount of excitement increasing as the short set from Cream came to an end. 

DPR LIVE takes stage next, bringing songs from a range of his albums such as ‘Legacy’ and ‘Neon’ from Is Anyone Out There. He later brought us back with his older but yet still amazing songs, ‘Know Me’ and ‘Cheese and Wine’. LIVE then made the promise to come back to Melbourne with new songs, after not going to the city during the Coming To You Live Tour back in 2018 after singing ‘Jasmine’ that definitely was one of a fan favourite. 

The confetti went off during ‘Jam and Butterfly’ and the VIP crowd participated in ‘Hula Hoops’ bringing up wigs in the air, as briefed by Scott during the Q&A session. Before wrapping up the set, LIVE made sure that we don’t run away from our problems, smile more, and to dream big while living life realistically. Definitely some good things to take away from. He then ended the set with the classic ‘Text Me’, ‘Martini Blue’ and ‘Hula Hoops’ between the two while dropping inflatable pool donuts to the crowd. 

The DPR crew continued to wow the crowd as DPR IAN (Christian Yu) greeted the crowd with majestic wings as his set began and the lighting supported his stage presence during ‘So Beautiful’ and ‘Dope Lovers’. Ian then proceeded to mention how Melbourne was better than Sydney despite being a Sydney local himself. We can definitely say he has crowd control as he did a short voice skit with sound effects that entertained the crowd. He then continued his set with ‘Miss Understood’ and ‘Avalon’ before taking off his suit jacket with nothing underneath, making the crowd go crazy. 

Crowd involvement is definitely a large part of the DPR show as Ian made the fans chant the alphabet towards the end of ‘Sometimes I’m’ fitting in perfectly as the song ends. Not forgetting to thank the Dreamers (fans of DPR), he mentioned how they gave him purpose and how Dreamers were the ones he looked for when he doesn’t feel like he has no purpose. He then continued on with the set, which includes an outfit change before ‘Mr. Insanity’ and having fake snow falling on stage for ‘Winterfall’

Before wrapping up his set, Ian confirmed that he indeed is currently in the process of making new music and promised to be back for Melbourne. A mirror was then brought up on stage to support his performance during ‘Nerves’ and ‘Ballroom Extravaganza’. To wrap up his stage, he sang ‘No Blueberries’ which was featuring LIVE, thus in turn bringing LIVE back up on stage as the crowd’s cheers became louder.
The night then slowly dwindled down as they went off stage after thanking fans and audiences who came for the show. The crowd then chanted and requested one more song which the team complied with and started singing the theme song for the DPR crew, ‘To Myself’. Crowd energy levels peaked during the encore and was definitely left wanting for more. Kudos to the DPRTeam for pulling off such an amazing performance! We’re holding onto your promises of coming back to Melbourne for your next tour~

Photo source: @dpr_official (IG)

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