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DPR Crew Turned Up The Heat On The Regime Tour in Jakarta

Tuesday, 6 December 2022 was a a remarkable day for both DPR crew–DPR CREAM, DPR LIVE, and DPR IAN– and also their fans for sharing the same full energy in THE REGIME WORLD TOUR 2022 ASIA-PACIFIC in Jakarta. After being absent for 2 years, Tennis Indoor Stadium Senayan became the eye for witnessing how perfectly blended between the beat, music, vibe, scream, and the dance DPR and fans. 

Before the concert started, thunder backsound and lightning gave off mysterious vibes, changed to blue light and turned into rainbow light in the center of the stage to the tribune audience. The concert started with DPR CREAM playing his instrument. Jumping to the next performance, DPR LIVE showed up with his orange astronaut outfit with the big astronaut balloon to sing his phenomenon “Legacy” and “Neon”. Lots of kisses coming from DPR LIVE made the audience crazy head over heels. With full of excitement, DPR LIVE said he did not expect this positive energy coming from their fans that made him happy and grateful to be there, hoping this concert will not be their last since they want to come back to Jakarta next time. 

DPR LIVE ended his last song “Laputa” and in the meantime audience screamed out loud “Christian, Christian, Christian” summoned the one and only Christian Yu or popular with DPR IAN. Black and white suit man shown up with giant black wings made DPR IAN look stunning in between his slow dance moves. Starting with just red light and reflecting his siluet, “Beautiful” became his first performance followed by “Mood”, “Nerves”, “Blueberries”, and many more. DPR IAN said it was his first time coming to Jakarta and very happy to accept the warmth and love from the audience. He also shared about his insecurities towards the spotlight but here he is, being the most wanted for every camera around him. Lots of interaction, kisses, and giggles he shared to the crowd.

In the ending ment, the crowd started to scream “DPR WE GANG GANG!” begged for an encore song “To Myself” which will heat the whole stadium with that lyrics. What the crowd wants, the crowd gets and finally DPR full team sings along with us. DPR IAN hold bendera merah putih along with others DPR waving hands to say bye.

Terima kasih!” was the last word for the memorable The Regime World Tour 2022, waiting for the next time they will come back to hold the concert.

Reported by: Salma
Photos by: CK Star

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