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Reach You in Jakarta: Ji Chang Wook, The Reliable Handsome Oppa Straight Out From K-Drama

The loudest cheering greeted Ji Chang Wook when he made his first appearance in 2022 JI CHANG WOOK “Reach in You” IN JAKARTA stage. Later, the actor got fans laughing as he shared that he missed the intro of “Do You Believe in Magic?” because the fans’ screams blocked the sound on his in-ear.

On his first visit to Jakarta, the actor who looks drop-dead gorgeous in a navy suit expressed his gratitude to the fans who welcomed him extraordinarily. The fan meeting that was postponed for three years due to the global pandemic finally happens at The Kasablanka Hall on December, 3 at 6.30 PM WIB. “Finally, we can meet face to face like this. It feels amazing,” he said. Everyone in the venue indeed feels the same with the actor as they keep chanting for him passionately. When asked to describe the fans in a few words, he used Indonesian slang “mantul (cool)” and “unyu (cute).”

The actor who stands out not only by his visuals but also his kindness, revealed behind the title of the fan meeting. He said, because he is always thankful to the fans, he wants to reach all of them. We are also thankful to the actor who flew from South Korea to Indonesia to bring joyfulness after a long wait, yet makes us fall for him even more after yesterday’s fan meeting!

Ji Chang Wook is already swooning K-drama fans across the world for his acting. That night, he presented his works on “WOOKIFLIX” corner. Start from his most recent heart-warming drama “If You Wish Upon Me”, the musical drama “The Sound of magic”, the romance dramas “Lovestruck in the City”, “Backstreet Rookie”, and “Suspicious Partner” to the hit action drama “THE K2”. 

The actor unveiled, “The Sound of magic” was a difficult project because it was different compared to other dramas he starred in. However, he enjoyed the shoot and every scene was his favorite. 

After 14 years of an acting career, Ji Chang Wook experienced many jobs through his projects. But there’s one job that he never did and wants to try is to be a doctor. Hearing this, the fans scream out loud as they are ready to ask him for a love prescription!

The last from the corner is an upcoming Disney Plus series, “The Worst Evil”. He said he’s preparing a new action drama that fans have been waiting for and it will be airing at the end of next year. He hopes the fans can enjoy the series. As confirmed by the actor, the fans can expect to see his six-pack which will show a bit on the series. The screams echoed as the fans couldn’t wait for it!

We think ‘all-rounder’ must be his middle name as he’s not only excellent at acting and singing, he also transformed into a magician and showed three magic tricks for the fans. To add the excitement, he invites some lucky fans to the stage. Everyone in the venue was focused on the show but went wild in just seconds after he changed a red cloth into a necklace and put it on fans. The handsome magician also showed a card trick that left the fans in shock as he guessed it right. So, everyone, do you believe in magic? 

Over the years, we heard his beautiful voice on the K-drama soundtrack. But yesterday, our ears are blessed by the actor’s live singing. He serenades us with  “To The Butterfly” an OST from “The Empress Ki, then made us blushing with “KISSING YOU” from “The 7th First Kisses” drama and “101 Reasons Why I Like You” from “Suspicious Partner” drama, and made us goosebumps with his vocal on “I’ll Protect You” from “Healer” drama and “Even Though I loved You” from his musical “The Days”. The live version was even more amazing and beautiful!

Our Saturday night was well-spent thanks to beloved actor Ji Chang Wook who made sure everyone had fun that night. As a K-drama fans like everyone, just looking at his face makes us happy but spending about three hours with him and witnessing his singing performance was a biggest fortune! 

We thank Mecima Pro for invite KoreanUpdates to Ji Chang Wook first fan meeting in Jakarta. See ya on the next event!

Photo credit: Ji Chang Wook (@jichangwook) personal Instagram

Reported by: Mutia Drajat

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