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[PRESS CONFERENCE] The Wait is Over, Ji Chang Wook Will Meet Indonesian Fans for The 1st Time at 2022 “Reach You” Fan Meeting In Jakarta

The long wait has over, Ji Chang Wook finally come to Jakarta for the first time to have his first Fan Meeting “Reach You” in Jakarta. This fan meeting will be held on December 3rd, 2022 at Kota Kasablanka Hall. At the press conference, the actors said that fans could expect to enjoy many good things at the fan meeting.

Not only talks about fan meetings, but he also gives us a glimpse of his future plans. Check out the full interview below!

Q : Mecimapro with Glorious Entertainment and actor Ji Chang Wook decided to donate half of their profit from the 1st Fan Meeting Event “Reach You” in Jakarta 2022 for earthquake victims in Cianjur.

A : While I’m on preparation for this fan meeting, I heard about the news that happened in Indonesia, so I would like to help the victim by donating half of the profit from this fan meeting for earthquake victims, and I hope everyone can recover soon.

Q : This is the first time actor Ji Chang Wook come to Jakarta, how are you feeling about this?

A : This is my first time coming here to Jakarta and this is also the first time I will meet my fans in Jakarta. I hope we could spend a good time together tomorrow.

Q : Is there any place you would like to visit here after the fan meeting? And is there any Indonesian food you would like to try?

A : Actually, back then when I was younger I came to Indonesia but I went to Bali for a photoshoot. I have very good memories there and if I have a chance to go, I would like to go to Bali again.

Q : For the Indonesian food, is there any Indonesian food you would like to try?

A : Ah, for now, I still don’t know what I want to try, but last night I tried fried rice and I’m enjoying it so much.

Q : If you are given a chance to spend one day in Indonesia, is there any place you would like to visit, and please give us the reason too why you choose that place?

A : Because this is my first time in Jakarta,  I would like to visit many interesting places in Jakarta, if there’s anyone who wants to guide me, maybe I would like to try the famous restaurant and another famous place here. And then.. I would like to go to Bali again and have a holiday there.

Q : So, because this is your first time in Jakarta, you choose to spend some time here too?

A : Yes, this is my first time coming to Jakarta, and I’m so curious about many things here

Q : What kind of day would be called “ A Perfect Day” for Ji Chang Wook?

A : Perfect day for me is the day when I can sleep peacefully, I can work out, meet my friends, and eat delicious food.

Q : Ji Chang Wook as an actor already played many different roles, which character that you think has the closest personality to you? And why did you choose that character?

A : I don’t think I have the same exact personality as one character, because when I played the role, I combined many characters, both my own character, and character for the role I played.

Q : Now Hallyu already became the biggest phenomenon globally, what Ji Chang Wook think about the popularity of K-Drama these days?

A : I saw that there is so much Korean content and saw that it is being liked by many people make me so happy and thankful, whether it’s the drama that I took part in or not, I felt so happy and I will give you many better contents too in the future. 

Q : Now we are already at the end of 2022, for Ji Chang Wook are there any goals you already achieved this year? 

A : Lately I felt I could finish the filming without serious injury is a good thing. I also could enjoy my time here while filming at the filming site. This is one thing that should be thankful for.

Q : Please tell me what your future plans are in terms of a career or something else.

A : First, I would like to let you know that I’m in the middle of filming one project, and there will be many action scenes, this is one of the big projects for me, and I hope I could finish this project without any problem.

Q : If there’s any chance in the future, would you like to come back to Indonesia?

A : For future schedule, I still don’t know, but yes if there’s a chance I will definitely be back here and have a holiday in Indonesia.

Q : Is there anything you want to say to fans about tomorrow’s fan meeting?

A : For Indonesian fans, I’m really looking forward to our first meeting tomorrow.

Q : Please give some messages to your fans in Indonesia

A : I would like to say thank you so much for liking me and let’s make good memories together at tomorrow’s fan meeting. In the future, I hope you will always continue to support me and wait for my next projects. I’m so thankful for all your support.

Photos cr: Mutia Drajat @ KoreanUpdates
Reported by: Raras

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