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WEi Coming Back Stronger with their 5th Mini Album [Love Pt.2 : Passion]

[Love Pt.2 : Passion] is the second instalment of the Love trilogy dedicated to exploring the entirety of the experience of love. Continuing from the IDENTITY series that covered the growth and identity of 6 members, the new album sings about youth emotions. The first part covered the initial stage of falling in love, while the latest release focuses on how love grows becoming strong and passionate.

The new mini album contains stories of six young men, who seem clumsy and timid at first but end up learning about the feeling and falling head over heels in love.

The album is composed of 6 tracks, with all dedicated to the topic. The songs describe a young man going on a trip to the night sea with his lover, people ready to go above and beyond for their loved ones, lovers staying together through the good and bad times and more.

Title track ‘Spray’ compares drawing a graffiti to expressing passionate love.

About LOVE series

LOVE series is composed of three parts. The first album, [Part.1 : First Love], marks the beginning of first love. The second album, [Part.2 : Passion], sings about how love grows and gets hotter. The third album, [Part.3 : Forever], sings about the promises of eternal love made with deep love and faith in each other.

[Love Pt.2: Passion] Tracks

The 4th EP album started with the first theme of “Clumsy First Love” for the LOVE series. The new 5th album sings about the stories of six young men, who seem clumsy and timid in love, learn about love and fall in passionate love.

The album is composed of a total of 6 tracks, and all of them are filled with love themes. The tracks describe how a young man sets out on a trip with his lover, how lovers color each other and become similar, and how lovers check on each other’s passionate love. 


The pop-dance genre song features a wonderful disco-funk bass line and the harmony of groovy guitar sounds and piano sounds draws the image of a beautiful night vibe under the moonlight. The track sings about a trip with a lover and the love of couples at the night sea.


This track sings about painting a woman with the man’s colors, just like drawing graffiti on a canvas to express the passionate emotion of love. The chorus part’s chant gets imprinted in memory like coloring with sprays to make the track more fatally attractive.      

Higher Ground

The track has vibes of mashing up diverse genres together, and such vibes create a synergy effect with the lyrics singing about keeping up challenge to the higher places to make the powerful voices of the members stand out more. The track shows the passionate love of members who can go anywhere for their love!


The track combines the hip-hop genre and the Latin genre together. The powerful 808 base sounds and EP loop add unique colors to the track and show the new direction and diversity of K-Pop. The witty lyrics such as “Oh Mamacita” make you feel the real charms of the playful and bouncy WEi members. The track sings about a man who fell in love with the charms of a rose with sharp thorns.

Special Holiday

This track is an exciting dance song featuring a sweet pluck lead and a rhythmical synthesizer sound. The cool and refreshing voice and the simple and upbeat rhythm make the track more cheerful and exciting. The track sings about a sweet moment when an ordinary day feels like a special vacation with the lover.      


The mid-tempo track is in harmony with the beautiful piano theme and sweet melody. The track delivers the message of standing by one’s side in good and bad times by using an umbrella as a metaphor.  

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