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Stray Kids Impressed Fans With Their Majestic Performances at 2nd World Tour “MANIAC” in Jakarta

After their latest concert in 2019, Stray Kids finally returned to Indonesia. They came back to Jakarta to kick off the Southeast Asian leg of their 2nd World Tour “MANIAC” in Beach City International Stadium on November 12-13th 2022.

STAY INA could finally feel the euphoria again after being absent during the past 2 years due to the pandemic. Their spectacular stage performance and a loud cheer from fans could be heard all over the arena. The eight members of Stray Kids performed their 29 hit songs and gave unforgettable memories of ‘Stay’ in the past 2 days.

The concert started with “MANIAC” and “Venom” as their opening act. Getting ready for the next performance, the whole venue and lightstick color all turned red as they came to perform “Red Light” with their fierce stage performance. They also added EASY, one of the most desired songs that fans hope to see the performance live on the Jakarta setlist.

Stray Kids raised the energy level even higher with their music and live bands’ performance during Thunderous, God’s Menu, DOMINO, and a few other songs that made fans jump along throughout the performances. In the middle of the ment, they said encouraging words to lift the energy by asking “Are you guys having fun?” and also greeted STAY INA with “Apa Kabar”.

Before they came up with the next stage performance, Hyunjin surprised the audience by performing “Ice Cream”, his self-composed love song for the first time. Stay succeeded in surprising Hyunjin by singing along to his song. He looked so touched and happy. 

After a sweet performance from Hyunjin, the four Stray Kids’ main vocalists; Bangchan, Lee Know, Seungmin, and I.N came back to the stage and sang “Waiting for Us” with their white-blue suits and flowers covered in their stand mics. 

All fans did a great job by singing along to the song and one of their members, I.N took off his ear to hear the fans’ voices during the performance. They also asked the fans to sing the song together and they were so amazed by STAY’s loud cheer. After the vocal unit performance, Chang Bin, Hyunjin, HAN, and Felix were ready to change the atmosphere with their hardcore hip-hop performance with “Muddy Water”. 

For the surprise performance on Day 2, Bangchan took all fans in shock when he chose to perform an Indonesian song by RAN “Dekat di Hati”. This performance made all STAY scream out loud and sing along. His great pronunciation even made the performance look even better and left the audience in awe.

Finally, the show nearly came to an end, Stray Kids members start to say their ending ment with compliments to INA STAYS. They said that they’re so happy with the energy that STAY gave during these 2 days concerts and they promise to be back again very soon. They also said few Indonesian words such as “kamu cantik”, “terima kasih”, “baik-baik ya” and many more. 

Finished with their ending ment, Stray Kids start to perform their encore songs with “FAM”, “Miroh”, and “Star Lost” and ended the show with “Haven”. It is such a wonderful night between Stray Kids and Stays, we can enjoy the music together and let out our whoops of joy in this 2nd World Tour “MANIAC” concert. Thank you for coming to Jakarta and showing us your most spectacular performance. See you again Stray Kids!

Photo cr: Mecimapro
Reported by: Raras

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