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One Unforgettable Night with ‘Angel-Like’ Kim Sejeong in The 1st Asia Fan Meeting “Sesang’s Diary”

Kim Sejeong officially kicked off her 1st Asia Fan Meeting “Sesang’s Diary” at Balai Sarbini Jakarta on November, 4. The singer-actress showed her best performances that left a great impression and successfully created unforgettable memories for her fans.

Starting with “Flower Road”, she continued to perform a few songs from her album such as “Whale”, “Teddy Bear”, and “Love, Maybe” an Original Soundtrack from her successful drama, “Business Proposal”.

Kim Sejeong talks about various things such as choosing her favorite genre of movies, and her favorite scene of every character she played in the drama. Talking about her future projects, she said she would like to play a strong role like Do Ha Na in “Uncanny Encounter” with a more powerful and antagonist character. 

Not only talking about her love for ‘mie goreng’ and how she wanted to eat the local noodles immediately after the event, but Sejeong also learned a few Indonesian phrases such as “Aku Cinta Kalian (I love you), “Mantul (Great)” and promised that she would back here to Jakarta.

Last night’s fan meeting was a memorable night for Sesang and us, the KoreanUpdates team. We really enjoyed the show, not to mention we can see many sides of Kim Sejeong that make people fall for her all over again. We are sure, the ‘angel-like’ personality is the best phrase we could use to describe how nice and beautiful Kim Sejeong is in real life. Along with the fans, we can’t wait to meet her again through other projects!

We thank Three Angles Production for inviting us to the fan meeting. See ya at the next event

Written by: Raras

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