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SEVENTEEN Floods CARATs with Compliments for the Explosive Energy and Full Passions: “Jakarta is the best city on [BE THE SUN] tour!”

The day 2 concert of ‘SEVENTEEN’s WORLD TOUR [BE THE SUN] – JAKARTA’ filled with explosive energy and full passion from both SEVENTEEN and CARATs on September 25, 2022. The SEVENTEEN performance combined with the fans’ energy on loud fan chants and singing wowed us throughout the concert. 

The members had a very good time at yesterday’s concert as they kept interacting with the fans. With the excitement, The8 asked fans to do the wave. Under SEVENTEEN’s command, the beautiful ocean waves of CARATbong (the name of SEVENTEEN’s lightstick) were wavy at ICE BSD City. Mingyu said the reason why they keep testing the fans’ energy is that they don’t want to move to the next stage since it’s near the end. The fans respond to it with a sad reaction, because we feel the same as him.

In the middle of ment, Indonesian CARATs are lucky to be able to see the snippet dance of Jun’s latest digital single ‘LIMBO (Korean Ver.) live since it released on September 23. The members also shouted their support for Jun.

The fans must be delighted as the group flooded them with compliments from the beginning to the end of the concert. The excitement rose as Seungkwan revealed, “Jakarta is the best city on [BE THE SUN] tour!” 

In one of the most impressive moment, we noticed that Hoshi, the self-proclaimed tiger seems happy that night as he hear the loudest *‘Horanghae’. Indonesian CARATs proved they’re the best supporters for his ‘Horanghae’ agenda.

At the encore song “Snap Shoot”, the members asked CARATs who were willing to dance to the song. Mingyu borrowed the director’s cam to personally shoot the CARATs’ dance. The moment is fun for both artists and fans when they gather to see the dance and the fans showed their best to the members.

Spending 3 hours full of high energy, the members conveyed their impression after coming back to Indonesia and holding 2 days concert. Wonwoo left the sweet message to the fans that he hopes fans can relieve all the stress at the concert. He also mentioned the trip to Yogjakarta with SCOUPS and Jeonghan last 2018 for the television program. Next time, he wants to take all members back to Yogjakarta. He ended the ment with “Mahal”, the famous word from the program that means expensive. 

During the show, the members keep saying that they will come back to Indonesia as soon as possible. The general leader of SEVENTEEN and CARATs, SCOUPS said, “The 2 days concert is over, thank you so much. We will come back here very soon.” Another compliment comes from Woozi, “Thank you to everyone who come here today. I won’t forget your voices. Jakarta is the best!”

Along with the end of the never-ending “Very Nice”, the full thrilling concert officially finished. With CARATs, we can’t wait to greet SEVENTEEN back soon!

*Horanghae is a dear expression from Hoshi to CARATs that means ‘Hoshi love you’ in Korean. The phrase is also interpreted as ‘tiger love you’ since the meaning of Hoshi is ‘tiger’s gaze’.

Reporter: Mutia Drajat

Photo credit: PLEDIS Entertainment

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