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[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] What Makes Rocket Punch Colorful and How They Prepared for ‘YELLOW PUNCH’

  • It’s been 2 years since you debuted. What is the biggest achievement of the group for you personally?

Yeonhee: We continue to try to find Rocket Punch’s color and develop as a group. I think it’s a big achievement as a group and an artist.

Yunkyoung: For me, it’s how we always stay together with fans who support us! I have been dreaming to debut and perform in front of the public and I’m really happy that this kind of person has a lot of fans.

  • Rocket Punch’s concepts have always been fresh. What kind of message do you want to convey through the 4th mini album YELLOW PUNCH?

Suyun: While preparing for this album, I feel that we grow in terms of music and I myself grow as a person named Kim Suyun. I grow as I thought a lot about what I’m good at and what kind of image I want to show to the public. I hope that we can show how we have grown and people can find the message of ‘us who got better’ through this album.

Sohee: My biggest wish is to show the honest confidence of Rocket Punch. I want us to show how Rocket Punch can give you various colors (charms).

  • There are a lot of chances to promote CHIQUITA so let’s choose your favorite B-side track from YELLOW PUNCH and tell us why you like it!

Juri: I recommend LOUDER! When there is no practice or schedule I like to go to the gym and this song is the best to listen to when you are working out! The exciting beat is nice and you can feel our energy through this song.

Dahyun: My favorite B-side track from YELLOW PUNCH is the 3rd track titled In My World. The song exudes confidence that suits Rocket Punch and listening to it can make you feel lively so I’d like to recommend this song. We also prepared a cool performance for this track, so please look forward to it!

  • The current K-POP is different from when it was in the 2nd generation era (e.g. INFINITE, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, BIG BANG, Wonder Girls). If you looked back to that time, what aspect do you think will be great for Rocket Punch to have in this era?

Yeonhee: Rocket Punch’s teamwork is really good. With this strength, there is no stage that we can’t do. I personally want to share positive energy through Rocket Punch.

Sohee: Our fresh and youthful energy. I think our strength is our own youthful and bright energy that is different from other teams.

  • If you were to create your own song, what will be the style of your song?

Suyun: I want to create a song that perfectly matches the color of Rocket Punch. To be precise, I want us to create our own genre so once the song is played people will be like “Oh this song sounds like Rocket Punch’s”. We have been showing you a lot of colors through the Color Punch series and I would like us to find the crossing of all of these colors and make our own music and songs.

Dahyun: I don’t have the experience yet, but I want to write a song that has confident and bold lyrics. I hope that I can create a song that is easy to listen to and make anyone happy listening to it.

  • The word punch is associated with fresh and cheerful, what kind of concept that you would like Rocket Punch to try in the future?

Juri: We have tried different concepts, but I personally think that we match fresh and energetic songs well so I want to try that kind of concept.

Yunkyoung: Through this album, we show chic and bold image, so next time it’d be good to show an image that is full of energy and fresh.

  • It has been 9 months since Ring Ring, what were you thinking when you were preparing for YELLOW PUNCH? Is there any exciting episode from the preparation?

Yeonhee: There were many things that happened while preparing (for the mini-album), but the most fun one is our reactions when we see each other after we changed our hair colors. It took us 3 days to recognize each other as we couldn’t get used to the transformation. When we looked at Suyun, we thought she was Dahyun, and when I looked at myself, I thought I was a completely different person and it took me a while to be familiar. Those moments were funny.

Suyun: We especially stuck to each other more while preparing for this album than when we were preparing for our debut album. I thought can we gain more trust in each other and get closer within these 9 months and we really turn out to get closer after it. While preparing for this album we really said a lot of times that we can do it, that as long we are together, we can do anything. We continue to do this even now.

  • Do you have any artist that you want to collaborate with and why?

Yunkyoung: I have been a fan of Girls’ Generation since I was young and watching their stages made me dream to be a singer! I think that I will be really truly happy if I ever get the chance to collaborate with Girls’ Generation.

Dahyun: I want to collaborate with Apink because I liked and supported them dearly in my younger days and there were a lot of things that I learned from them.

  • Your job requires you to stay fit to show the best performance and it must be hard to maintain especially throughout the pandemic. Do you have any tips to stay healthy as an idol?

Juri: I stretch, work out, and bath hard! I feel that if we do these 3 things well, our mind and body will be healthy.

Sohee: Mask and wash your hands are the most essential, but since if our body is not well, our condition won’t be good, I always try to not make myself uncomfortable and hurt.

  • Please send your message to international fans who are waiting for your visit to their country!

Sohee: To our global fans, we will be meeting you once the situation gets better, so please wait for a little bit. Thank you for always giving us a lot of love.

Translated by: Rizka Annisa
Photos cr: Woollim Entertainment, MJTONZ

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