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Raisa – Sam Kim “Someday” Collaboration: Beautiful Harmonization That Make You Listen All Day Long

Photo by: Irfan Hartanto & XIN SEOUL

The fans have been excited ever since the news of the collaboration between Indonesian singer, Raisa, and Korean-American singer, Sam Kim, was announced.

Raisa is one of Indonesian top singers, who became known to the public through her debut solo single “Serba Salah” in 2011.  She has a beautiful and signature voice. Sam Kim is the runner-up of SBS K-Pop Star 3 who is well-known for his hit OSTs in Korean dramas, including Who Are You in The Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and Love Me Like That in Nevertheless. He has soft and soulful voice which described as perfect fit to a variety of genres, including R&B, jazz, blues, pop, folk. The collaboration of the two was Raisa’s wish to have a cross-Asian collaborator.

Photo by: Irfan Hartanto

“The collab with Sam basically because I am such a huge fan of Sam and also his album and his singles, so I’ve often recommended Sam’s music to my musician friends. It’s simply because I love Sam’s music and then I said to my label that I wanna do a collaboration. I thought it’s gonna work, because I think both our music taste and voice would match. I thought this could be something. Then they (her label) contacted Antenna, at the same time I contacted Sam on Instagram,” said Raisa on Someday Press Conference placed in Jakarta (21/11).

Photo by: XIN SEOUL

Get into collaboration with someone outside of South Korea is Sam Kim’s first experience. “Ever since we started on Instagram, we exchanged messages, talked about music, and our personal experiences, we just became friends like that,” he said.

Through calls, chats, and video calls, the singers planned the theme of the song and ideas. Sam Kim, who attended the event through Zoom, explained they worked on the song during pandemic separatedly from Jakarta and Seoul.

“At the beginning, when I work the demo of the song, I remember hearing her voice for the first time and it immediately got me inspired for the melody and also the feel of the song,” said Sam.

The next part is writing the lyrics. During the process, they talked about all the stuffs that they wanted to say, as well as shared personal experiences. Raisa added that making up the lyrics was her favorite part. For this single, musician and arranger Jukjae was also involved.

Someday tells the story of a couple who both have a big ego, making it difficult for them to reveal their true feelings for each other. This song, that Jukjae helped work on, is a beautiful slow R&B. The song’s mood that is sweet yet melancholic might reminds you to Korean drama soundtrack vibe.

Through this collaboration, Raisa really hopes people will like the song because of the music and the lyrics. She also wishes to gain new listeners because the song is in simple English lyrics and also to collaborate with more artist in the future. For Sam Kim, who collaborated with Indonesian artist for the first time, he hopes that a lot of overseas fans and people around the world could listen to his music and he will be recognized more as a producer and songwriter.

During the promotion, the fans will be entertained by various contents, including cooking content where both trying to cook each country’s food. Raisa will cook japchae, while Sam cook bihun goreng. Another content coming is a mash up of each other’s song.

Now it’s time to  chill, put stress aside and blessed our ears with beautiful harmonization of Raisa and Sam Kim on “Someday”! The song is now available on all digital streaming platforms and the music video has already been released on Raisa’s YouTube channel.

Watch it below!

Written by: Mutia Drajat

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