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How We Spend A Quality Sunday with NU’EST’s Minhyun and His “Sweetest Moments”

Last August 30 was a bless for L.O.Λ.E (name of NU’EST fan club) as the group’s lead vocal, Minhyun greeted fans through exclusive content “2020 Minhyun’s SWEETEST MOMENTS” brought by MecimaPro.

The content was available exclusively on Kaskus TV for MCP members last Sunday at 4PM WIB (West Indonesia Time). Looking handsome as usual,  Minhyun appeared in apron and said that he would make a special sweet
dessert for fans, Patbingsoo (Korean shaved ice with red beans). After introducing the ingredients, Minhyun started to make the dessert while saying confessing that he’s a not good cook, but will try his best nonetheless.


Voila! The shaved ice was successfully done amidst his cute struggles and then was named ‘Hwang Dang Bingsoo’ as he said because it tastes sweet like himself.

Chit Chat With Minhyun

While eating his ‘Hwang Dang Bingsoo’, Minhyun chose and answered some questions to talk with fans.


Movie recommendation when raining and perfume that suits the current weather

Minhyun revealed that he actually enjoys romantic, comedy, and action movies, but for humid weather, he recommended us to watch “Fast and Furious” while eating Patbingsoo! This idol, who was born in 1995, is known to like perfume and he said that perfume with a fresh fragrance like citrus is suitable for hot and humid weather like now.

How to relieve stress and activities while resting at home?

Minhyun said that cleaning and eating delicious food are his way to relieve stress. He also does cleaning in his free time. Because it is difficult for him to stay still and even when he’s watching TV he has to do other things, such as vacuuming or washing clothes. Besides that he said that he also likes to drive. He often goes for a ride and drives for vacation.


Memorable message from fans?

Recently Minhyun did a fan call event with fans. Through the video call, he received a lot of support from fans. The message that touched him the most was from fans who said that they wanted to see him singing for a long time and support Minhyun’s career in whatever he wants to do, whether it’s on stage or else.

A Gift From Minhyun to L.O.Λ.E


As last gift for his fans, Minhyun sang an acoustic version of his solo song ‘Universe’ for the first time. The galaxy-like set, which combined with Minhyun’s sweet voice made the performance even more memorable for fans.

At the end of the video, Minhyun expressed his hope that this can be a treat for L.O.Λ.E who has been missing and waiting for NU’EST as they are currently taking a break due to the ongoing pandemic.


We really enjoyed spending a sweet Sunday with Minhyun and we hope to see NU’EST again because we miss them! This exclusive content could only be obtained by MCP members, so go register yourself now because we know that MecimaPro has more benefits in store for you.

Reported by: Mutia Drajat

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