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[JJANG MUSIC!] New Kpop Release This Week!

JJANG MUSIC is back with another list of new music, compiled by Warner Music Indonesia. Check it out and find the hidden gem!

NIve X Sam Kim Cover

NIve & Sam Kim – Like a Fool

The American-Korean artist NIve, releases his 1st ‘KOREAN’ single “Like a Fool” featuring his best friend and a powerful singer-songwriter, Sam Kim.

Listen to “Like a Fool” here.

Bibi - The Sign

BIBI – The Sign

BIBI joins to the second single of the soundtrack for Korean Web-drama series “Big Picture House” OST, starring YUNA (AOA) and SEUNGHYUB (N.Flying).

Listen to “The Sign” here.

Aster Cover

ASTER – Melody

EDM DJ ASTER, who has collaborated with Rain and RAVI (VIXX), releases his 2nd single “Melody”.

Listen to “Melody” here.


Yuju CoverYUJU (from GFRIEND) / Aancod – Back and Forth / Getting good

GFRIEND’s YUJU and Aancod join the soundtrack of the new TV drama series “Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon” (starring Eric).

Listen to “Back and Forth” here.

Listen to “Getting Good” here.

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