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[Press Conference] Park Ji Hoon, Aegyo, Game and MAY

Park Ji Hoon came back to Indonesia as soloist also as the last stop for his fancon tour ‘360’.

After previously visiting Jakarta with his former group, Jihoon shared that he missed the good food and great hotel in Jakarta, and without any doubt the loud cheer from MAY. Jihoon never stopped talking about how he’s grateful of MAY as they’re also taking care of him by sending him the jelly vitamins to keep him healthy beside his working out routine. In particular a dedicated song ‘Still Love You’ was chosen by the singer-actor as his fave song as he thinks about MAY during the making.

Talking about Park Ji Hoon it will never complete without his aegyo. Known with his ‘jeojang’ aegyo, Ji Hoon lately shared he has another new pose that fans’ love and as he pose, the room fills with camera shutter sounds from media tried to capture his new aegyo pose.

The rookie actor who previously played as Go Young Soo in Flower Crew stated he want to try a role as hacker or gamer as per fans’ wish. He also mentioned that he and his agency are working on it! So be prepared MAY! This request was done as fans know how Jihoon is good at games, as previously he won the gold medal during Idol Star Athletic Championship e-sport. But when he was asked whether he want to do e-sport professionally, he said that game is just his hobby and he loves his job right now. He even choose his time playing game with fans as one of the most memorable moments for him.

For his next work, Park Ji Hoon himself can’t confirm but he assure fans that he still has lot of things to show within this year.  It was an honor and great time to have Jakarta as his last visit of his tour. As he still have lot things to do this year, please support and love Park Ji Hoon a lot!

Text and Photo by Vanessa

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