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Going Through Our Lasts of 2019 with IU at “LOVE, POEM in Jakarta”

Another one in our bucket list has been ticked done now.

Korean renown singer-songwriter and rising actress, IU, finally visits Jakarta for the first time for her 2019 concert tour <LOVE, POEM> in Jakarta. After releasing same titled album last November, IU officially embarks in concert tour, visiting some countries in Asia. Indonesia is honored to be the last country the singer visits for this tour and we are incredibly honored to join her on spending her lasts in 2019.

The second day was opened with “unlucky” and the star of the night in her beautiful light gown. The night was divided into 4 parts; Love for MomentLove for Meaning, Love for Miracle, and encore. IU continuously showing her awe of the audience seeing how they singing along throughout the stages and how they emit great energy for the night.

As the concert was the last one in her concert tour list as well as her last in Jakarta, Indonesia, IU pinpointed thing that she especially delivered tonight for her fans, Uaena(s). While wondering what to do to make her last stop more special, IU then decided to ask her bodyguards to join her on stage and dance with her to “Last Night Story”. The view was incredibly cute as the 2 gentlemen could easily be spotted in their awkward dances and shyness on stage.

Just like other Korean artists who have visited Indonesia before, IU also cutely succeed in showing off her Bahasa skill by saying some slang in Bahasa, as well as funny sentences that she was taught of, including:

Saya kan populer! (t/n: I’m popular tho!)
Mantap (t/n: Great)
Mantul (t/n: abbreviation of Mantap Betul or “Really great”)
Gokil (t/n: slang of “Crazy”)

Fans must be delighted as she never stopped to throw compliments to the audience of the 2nd day especially after she witnessed the “Blueming” fan project which required audiences to wear ‘IU’ mask and holding up banner saying how the blue roses have bloomed in Jakarta too thanks to her. In the 2nd part, IU got to spoil us with her short versions of some Hotel del Luna OSTs. Seeing the reaction of the audience after watching the snippets of the drama on the screen while she sang the OSTs, IU said that she has messaged the crew and cast of Hotel del Luna, with special mention for Lee Do Hyun, saying how big the drama seems to be in Indonesia. Her message was welcomed by the team who said it might be great to hold a fan meeting here (A BIG YES!).

Before her encore, IU sang “Above the Time”, one of her new songs which is the continuation of 2011’s “You & I”. She said that starting from now she will always be reminded of Jakarta when singing “Above the Time” as this is the song that Uaenas sang when she arrived at the airport. The about 3.5 hour concert was wrapped up with encore songs: “Good Day” and “Love, Poem”, as well as additional stages of “Dear Name”, “Leon”, “Someday”, “Ending Scene”, and “Heart”.

What a wonderful way to close our journey in 2019. A lot of people we know say you don’t have to know all of IU’s songs to genuinely enjoy the time in her concert because we definitely couldn’t catch the title of some songs, but it didn’t diminish the pleasure of watching IU singing and goofing off for 3.5 hour even for a bit. We can feel how the petite lady really loves her career as singer and how content she is standing on the stage just enjoying the view of her fans singing along with her.

IU sang about 30 songs throughout the night, but none of that wasn’t live which is also thanks to the amazing performance of her accompaniment band mates. Her little laughs when seeing her bodyguards dancing awkwardly or when see the new crowd with her mask on while singing “Blueming” even can be heard, which just assured us all how great of a singer she is. The highlight of tonight for us personally was how we finally witness her “Good Day”‘s 3-octave stage live after all these years.

We would like to thank iMe Indonesia for inviting us and giving us the chance to witness how awesome IU is. Just like IU said, kita tidak akan lupakan hari ini (we won’t forget this day) and pasti kami tunggu kamu datang lagi (we will definitely wait for you to come again).

<LOVE, POEM> in Jakarta setlist

  1. unlucky
  2. Palette (acoustic ver.)
  3. Autumn Morning
  4. Friday
  5. Secret Garden
  6. The Visitor
  7. Jam Jam
  8. Twenty Three
  9. BBI BBI
  10. Hold My Hand
  11. Last Night Story
  12. Blueming
  13. Meaning of You
  14. Lean on Me (Hotel del Luna OST short ver.)
  15. A Poem Titled You (Hotel del Luna OST short ver.)
  16. Can You See My Heart (Hotel del Luna OST short ver.)
  17. Lullaby
  18. Through the Night
  19. dlwlrma
  20. The Red Shoes
  21. Above the Time
  22. You & I
  23. Encore 1: Good Day
  24. Encore 2: Love, Poem
  25. Additional Encore 1: Dear Name
  26. Additional Encore 2: Leon
  27. Additional Encore 3: Someday (Dream High OST)
  28. Additional Encore 4: Ending Scene
  29. Additional Encore 5: Heart

Written by: Rizka Annisa
Photo cr: IU’s official Instagram

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