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[JJANG MUSIC!] Soothing and Slow Hip Hop RnB from SanE, OVAN, Holland Released This Week!

This week’s new release has subtle and soothing hip hop and RnB song which perfect for the Christmas. Check out San E, OVAN, and Holland’s new releases:


Holland – Loved you better

The Troy Sivan of K-Pop, Holland drops a new single in Christmas. ‘Loved you better’ starts off as a sweet mellow track and finish off in EDM style. This is a fancy single not to be missed!

Listen to “Loved You Better” here.




OVAN – Christmas Rose (feat. LEEBADA)

OVAN, one of the most streamed rappers in Korea, brings the emotional vibe with LEEBADA for Christmas.

Listen to “Christmas Rose” here.




SAN E – Again (feat. Errday)

One of the most commercially successful rappers in Korea, San E presents his first EP album since becoming an independent artist. ‘Ballad Rap Song’ features an array of new tracks that showcase his raw Hip Hop power as well as his melancholy personality.

Listen to “Again” here and “Ballad Rap Song” album here.


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