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11/16 became the prettiest day as SEVENTEEN returned to Indonesia for the fourth times with “Ode To You” in Jakarta. The group known as “self-producing idols” gave their best performances for 3 hours, starting at 18:30 until 21:30 at Istora Senayan, Jakarta.

Rock the Stage Powerfully: SEVENTEEN Right Here!

The venue was fully occupied in all section categories by Carat (name of SEVENTEEN’s fan), who compactly sing along and fanchant loudly even before the concert began. The dim light made the lightstick increasingly shine, indicating the concert would soon begin.

Enthusiastic screams of fans accompanied SEVENTEEN’s appearance on the stage and increasingly peaked when Jeonghan being the first member who appeared on stage. Followed by 12 other members who wore black blazers adorned with silver beads that made them look shining and charismatic on the stage.

SEVENTEEN already set the stage on fire with “Getting closer”, “Rock” and “Clap” remix version. We could felt the extraordinary energy from the 13 best performers who become one as they dance powerfully and synchronize.

Not only that, the opening is really lit on a another level because throughout the performance, Carats sing along and chant the full name of each member loudly from the oldest to the youngest and turning it over. Amazing!

SEVENTEEN: A Complete Package of Talented Group

SEVENTEEN is a talented group, consists of 13 members who divided into 3 units: HipHop team, Vocal team and Performance team that form into one group.

Now it’s time to see the performance from the unit stage!

The first unit that appeared was the unit that had contributed to the many amazing choreographies of SEVENTEEN, Performance team! Hoshi, Jun, The8 dan Dino performed “Lilili Yabbay” with a white silky robe. Like a magic, the unit changed the atmosphere from peacefully to hot tension with “Shhh”. Their movement makes our eyes can’t take off them.

Next stage, Mingyu’s husky voice and S.coups, Wonwoo and Vernon rapping filled the venue, it made “Trauma” stuck in our heads. When it comes to the HipHop Team, there is no doubt when they own the stage with “Chilli”. Their performance hot like a chilli sauce and successfully attacked fans straight in the heart.

Its time for Vocal team to warm our heart through “Hug” and “Don’t Listen in Secret”. The melodious voices of Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK and Seungkwan beautifully harmonize, successfully hypnotize the fans to sing along with all their hearts and made us not want to stop hearing their heavenly voice.

Seems like mini ballad concert haven’t end yet. One of SEVENTEEN main vocal, DK and 3 members of HipHop Team, Wonwoo, Mingyu and Vernon sang “Can’t See The End”. SEVENTEEN also showed us their wondrous vocal with “Smile Flower”. Everyone singing and waved their lighstick slowly. The atmosphere became increasingly emotional when SEVENTEEN let Carats sing the song. Then most beautiful moment happen when the boys standing on stage while staring peacefully at the shining caratbong ocean with Carats’ voice fulfil the entire venue. No wonder this song managed to make fans cry, because since the beginning has touched the heart.

But it seems SEVENTEEN don’t want to let fans on feeling so blue, that’s why the members already bright up the stage with their debut song “Adore U”, continue with the prettiest song ever “Pretty U”, “Oh My!” and “Just Do It”. The fresh rhythm and choreography, with passionate fanchant made the concert mood brighter.

Two Members Absence Due to Health Condition

Before continuing the performance, the staff announced that in order to prioritize health, S.Coups and Jeonghan could not continue to participate in the concert. Responding to this, fans understand the members condition and compactly shouted “Gwaenchana (it’s okay)”.

Wonwoo explained, “S.Coups and Jeonghan actually really wanted to perform until the end, but unfortunaltely they could not”.

SEVENTEEN also asked fans not to worry, because they will try harder to fill the absence of the two members.

Never Ending Encore

Before they really go, SEVENTEEN gonna “HIT” the stage and hype the song by jumping, playing, walking around stage to have fun together with fans.

The tension become more heat as long as Carat do fast fanchant like a pro rapper. Absolutely we know, the only fans who has a side job as a rapper are Carat only. Respect!

Don’t want to stop here, Carats keep chanting “Encore!”, “Gak mau pulang, maunya digoyang!” and “SEVENTEEN” that successfully bring back Seventeen to stage for playful encore with “9-TEEN”.

Save the best for the last, the national anthem “Very Nice” officially closed Seventeen World Tour “Ode To You” in Jakarta. SEVENTEEN and Carats spent the remain times to interact and have fun like a party  under the rain of confetti.

Knowing that Carats don’t want to apart quickly, the song keep repeating for several times. SEVENTEEN love to tease Carats, so they acted like this is the end but in the fact it was never ending “Very Nice” encore. Even when the LED was already closed, suddenly the music start again so they out and jumping till the real ending.  What a hilarious moment!

We thank Mecimapro for give us this opportunity to witness and enjoy the whole performance from the best performer, Seventeen. Korean Updates will always support Seventeen activities in the future, hopefully the members and Carats stay healthy until the time we can meet again.

See you again, Seventeen!

Reporter: Mutia

Photo: Mecima Pro

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