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The Fun & Exciting HobbyGround 2019 Day 2!

After the success of the first day, HobbyGround back with second day which was slightly different and have more interesting events for sure. With the same place at Plaza Barat Senayan, the Hallyu stage this time was even busier because the guest stars who were present on the second day were super special. Who are they? Let’s re-take the journey of Hobby Ground Day 2!


This time the opening event at the Hallyu Section was still the same, the Workshop Dance
cover with Mahdi and ZT from Invasion Boys then continued with the K-pop Cover Dance Competition for Hoosun intended by senior K-pop dance cover group. The more crowded in the afternoon, the K-pop fans have gathered again in front of the stage to follow the next event.


Who else if not Tiffani and Alphiandi? Yap, Tiffani and Alphiandi were present at the Hallyu Hobby Ground in the Community Talk session. In this session, the two shared their experiences when participating in the Korean Wave Festival competition in Changwon, South Korea in 2017 until they finally named the Grand Prize Winner. After listening to their stories while in Korea, fans who have been waiting for them since noon finally can see their appearance. Tiffani and Alphiandi performed 3 songs, Inferiority Complex that they performed during the 2017 KWF competition, No One from Lee Hi, and Flash from X1. Their performance was really awesome and welcomed by the audience.


Next, is makeup class time with Sasyachi and Alika Islamadina. In this workshop, you will learn Korean-style makeup and tips and tricks. Not only that but also get knowledge about your Korean Style mix and match outfit. Very exciting, after this session you are more flawless and stylish.

In the last session, there was a special performance from Pink Panda. They appeared energetic to bring the Blackpink dance cover perfectly. Pink Panda’s appearance is the closing stage of the Hallyu stage on Hobby Ground Day 2. Let’s look forward to the next year’s Hobby Ground, thank you Kaskus!

Written by: Nur Kurniawati

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