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[INTERVIEW] CIX and the Infinite Possibility on What to Expect from Them

Debuting on last July 23, CIX can be considered as one of strongest names within rookies. Consisting of BX, Yonghee, Seunghun, Bae Jinyoung, and Hyunsuk, CIX easily gained fans through their irresistible charm and pleasing image.

On our interview earlier today with the 5 boys, Bae Jinyoung said even though they are listed as one of fastest groups to win a music show trophy, they don’t have any specific goal for the future as the group believes that working hard in every chance is more important than numbers and ranks. He even showed a surprised face when he heard that there is saying how they are considered as one of the most prominent rookies, while the group think that they are still lacking a lot, thus feeling very honored to hear the title.

Debuting with sexy and chic concept Movie Star, Bae Jinyoung admitted that they are still a bit far from comeback as there is still no choreography getting learned nor new song recorded yet, but he expressed the group’s hope to have an even better quality when they have their first comeback.

CIX wouldn’t specify special concept that they want to try next and instead hoping that their group can excel various concept and any song given. Talking about their Movie Star choreography, Hyunsuk proudly said that the dance break part in the song is his favorite because Jinyoung took part on creating it and he feels that their synergy shines the most in the said part.

Leader BX showed his happiness as he revealed how surprised they were when they arrived in Indonesia for the first time as there were a lot of fans waited for their arrival. BX said he’s expecting Indonesian fans can share where to go the next time they visit Indonesia again.

Seunghun was in charge of a little bit TMI for today by revealing 3 must-bring items when he is travelling: perfume, mask sheet, and shyly ended by saying his fellow CIX members are one of the must-bring travelling item. While for giant baby Hyunsuk, he excitedly revealed that he wants to try Indonesia’s famous Nasi Goreng (fried rice).

The interview wrapped up with 2 recommendation songs from Yonghee and BX who said fans definitely will have to their favorite track Imagine and first fan song The One from their debut EP, Hello Stranger.


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