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Asian Sound Syndicate vol. 1: Treat or Treat with Gray and Simon Dominic in AOMG Party!

No doubt was one of the most waited line-up in Asian Sound Syndicate vol.1, AOMG label mates, Gray and Simon Dominic, were the last one to perform among International Syndicate list.

Gray officially opened their turn with “Change” and “Dream Chaser”. The lit performances were then followed by with “Signhere” and “Dangerous”, where Gray showered with screams as he took out his outer. Gray then continued his stage with a calmer song “I’m Fine” before successfully covering Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”.

Gray wasn’t failed to amaze the crowd by wrapping up his stage with “Late Night”, “TMI”,  and “We Are”.


The last performer, Simon Dominic finally appeared on stage. As the opening, he sang “Simon Dominic”, which then followed by “DAx4”, “Soju”, “Nono”, “No Thanxxx” and “Pose”.

Performing at almost midnight, Simon Dominic said the difficulty of being the last performer is how the fans’ voices were heard less than at the beginning. Simon Dominic said,

“Actually I’m old. Among all the artists here, I am probably the oldest. But I’m the best right?”

Shouting in agreement and making sure the artist feel it’s okay, the crowd brought the smile upon him, which when he is back performing “Won & Only”.

Gray, who had finished his performance, reappeared on stage joining Simon Dominic to perform “Comfortable”. As if the energy was filled again, the fans sang loudly and full of enthusiasm when Simon Dominic and Gray warmed the stage with “Make Her Dance”, “Mommae” to the last song “Who You”.


Asian Sound Syndicate vol. 1, as expected, turned into an unforgettable night for lots of fans. Not only got satisfied by the energetic performances and colorful stages, fans surely got entertained by their presence.

Korean Updates would like to thank Stellar Events for inviting us to witness the biggest hip-hop festival in town. See you on vol. 2!

Reported by: Mutia Drajat
Photos cr: Stellar Events

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