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Asian Sound Syndicate Vol. 1: A Non-Stop Sing-Along Session with DPR Live

DPR Live was the first performer within the Korean line-up. He finally met Indonesian fans again after their tour, CTYL World Tour in Jakarta, which was held on December 14 last year, by performing “Jasmine”. 

After singing one song, Hong Da Bin, who is known as DPR Live greeted fans, “Hello Jakarta. Apa Kabar? My name is DPR Live”. 

He continued the stage with performances of “Cheese & Wine”, “Laputa” and “Action!”, while fans enjoying them by singing along. The crowd became even more hyped when Christian Yu, the director and chief editor of DPR, who also known as DPR IAN joined in and singing “Gravity”. 


Meeting again with Indonesian fans, DPR Live expressed his gratitude, “It’s good to see you again. Thank you for coming”. He also revealed his happiness to meet everyone. “I  can feel your spirit and you can feel my energy”, DPR Live said before proceeding to the next song. 

DPR Live continued with “Is You Down” and “Text Me” before wrapping up with last song, “Martini Blue”. Wearing a casual style, white shirts, and army jackets, DPR Live keeping the adorable interactions with fans throughout their stages and succeeded in making fans singing along.

Before leaving the stage, DPR Live presented their real last song “To Myself”.

Reported by: Mutia Drajat
Photos by: Stellar Events

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