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A Spectacular Night with Pentagon on World Tour “Prism in Jakarta”

The long-awaited night for Universe Indonesia finally came. 31 August become a day that not be forgotten, taking place at Kasablanka Hall, Pentagon succeeds in holding their first concert in Indonesia titled “Pentagon World Tour Prism in Jakarta.” Also, Indonesia was the first country that they visited for the world tour. So, Universe Indonesia was very happy and excited to meet them through this concert. The concert venue also enlivened by enthusiastic shouts from fans, who were getting more enthusiastic when the concert began.

“Sha La La” became the opening song, the eight members namely Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yuta, Kino, Jinho, Yeo One, and Wooseok performed very dazzlingly in black suits. Even without Yanan, they still look perfect in front of the Indonesian Universe who have been waiting for their performance for a long time. After “Sha La La” they returned the performance to their debut song “Gorilla”. Not to forget, Pentagon also bring their latest song “Humph!” on the stages. 

All of the members revealed that they had wait for this day, so they say that they were preparing a lot to speak in Bahasa Indonesia and greet all Universe who attends this concert. They were very talkative during the introduce time, especially Hongseok and Kino who speak English fluently. Shinwon also talks a lot in Bahasa, He says, “Senang bertemu dengan Anda. Terima kasih atas kedatangannya.” The Main Vocalist, Jinho also says “Terima kasih” in a cute way.

The concert became even more heated when Pentagon back to the stage and cover “Havana” by Camila Cabello and “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. They divided into two team, Havana team consist of Jinho, Hongseok, Kino, and Yeo One, then Uptown Funk team consist of Hui, Wooseok, Shinwon, and Yuto. Havana team bring the sexiness feel on their choreography to the stage. Their amazing moves makes all Universe scream a lot during their performance. Different from Havana, Uptown Funk team bring the happiness feel on the stage with their fun performance. Energetic dance, strong vocals combined into the amazing performance. Both of the team are truly amaze Universe and became the highlight in this night. 

After their lit performance through the special stage, Pentagon tried to calm down the atmosphere of the concert with “When It Rains at Night” and “Beautiful”. Their sweet voice makes Universe melted and sing along during the song. While enjoying the song, “Beautiful”, Universe raised banners reading, “시간이 지나도 항상 유니버 스 될거야” which means it will always be universe even after time passes. 

2 hours passed by so fast, it’s time to say goodbye. During the last ment, they say that they were very happy to meet the beautiful people at this place and promise to Universe to come back here in Jakarta soon. Like Kino say, “We will come back here, in Jakarta, I promise.” The Leader, Hui, also say “Please remember this day, we, Pentagon always love you”. 

Before leaving the stage, the members had fun and interacted more with fans during “Shine”, “Thumbs Up” and “Spectacular”. Check out the full set-list of their concert in Jakarta below!

  1. Sha La La
  2. Gorilla
  3. Like This
  4. Runaway
  5. Just do It Yo!
  6. Humph!
  7. Havana
  8. Uptown Funk
  9. Critical Beauty
  10. Skateboard
  11. Can You Feel It
  12. When it Rains in Night
  13. Beautiful
  14. Lost Paradise
  15. Till
  16. Fantasystic
  17. Pretty Pretty
  18. Spring Snow
  19. Naughty Boy
  20. Shine
  21. Thumbs Up
  22. Spectacular

Thank you Mecima Pro for bringing Pentagon to meet Universe through their first concert “2019 Pentagon World Tour Prism in Jakarta.” Thank you for the unforgettable night and we hope Pentagon will come to Indonesia again soon.

Written by: Nur Kurniawati Ijabah
Photos cr: Mecima Pro

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