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A ‘Perfect Date’ with Choi Siwon That You Have to go to This Saturday!

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This year can be said to be one K-pop year for Indonesian fans because since the beginning of the year we have been welcoming various South Korean artists who visited, and be will be welcoming numbers who will visit, their fans in Indonesia. In the near future, one of them is Choi Siwon, a personnel of Super Junior, who will hold his first fan meeting in Jakarta.

Titled ‘PERFECT DATE CHOI SIWON’ 1ST FAN MEETING IN JAKARTA ‘, the event will be Choi Siwon’s first solo fan meeting in Indonesia. The event will be held at Balai Sarbini Jakarta on the 10th of August. Welcoming Siwon, Gudlive as the promoter of the event held a press conference with Ruly PM (Gudlive CEO), Bimo Nugroho (Gudlive Founder), Yosi Marhayati (representative of exclusive ticketing partner, and Rahmat Permadi (Manager Operation SM Entertainment Indonesia) as panelists.

Despite having many experiences as an event promoter,  Ruly PM admitted, this is the first time that Gudlive brought a K-pop artist to Indonesia and expressed how he is proud to be able to present Choi Siwom’s first fan meeting in Jakarta. With this short time preparation, Bimo Nugroho said that arranging Korean artist fan meeting is quite difficult in terms of negotiations compared to western artist events. Especially how the concept of fan meeting is where the artist and fans can be more intimate.

According to Rahmat Permadi from SM Entertainment Indonesia, this event was motivated by the large number of ELFs in Indonesia, also Siwon and other Super Junior members always felt very welcomed every time they come to Indonesia.

The fan meeting also welcomed with high enthusiasm from Indonesian ELFs. This is showed by the sold out BLUE category tickets. Yosi Marhayati unveiled that about 80% of the tickets have been sold to this day.

Q: How many songs will Choi Siwon sing at the fan meeting?

A: The list and the number of songs cannot be revealed as it will be a surprise for fans, but we can make sure that ‘Perfect Date’ will be a romantic, exciting, and intimate event. In addition, during the event there will be a lucky draw for some lucky fans to go on stage. The lucky draw system applies to all sections, so for fans who buy tickets of no-benefit categories, will still have the chance to get lucky draw.

Q: How many fans from the BLUE and PURPLE section can take the group photo and how will they be organized?

A: For photo groups there are several categories. From the BLUE section there will be 25 fans and the PURPLE section also 25 fans, which will be carried out alternately.

Q: Are there special requests from Choi Siwon, such as food to be provided, Indonesian food or sports facilities at the hotel because Siwon really likes sports. Are there requests like that?

A: For requests to provide food, there is none specifically. For sports like the gym, we still don’t know if Siwon will have enough time, because his time here is pretty tight.

The Press Conference was also attended by representatives from ELF Indonesia, who their excitement for this event and had prepared several special projects for Choi Siwon.

Meanwhile, the ‘PERFECT DATE CHOI SIWON’S 1st Fan Meeting in Jakarta’ will be held for 2 hours, starting at 4.30pm to 6.30pm. A weekend with a date with Choi Siwon will be very satisfying, especially with many benefits to be gained by fans, including Hi Touch and Photo Group (only for BLUE and PURPLE sections), A3 signed posters and printed photo cards that will also be shared for all sections.

Before you regret, check now to see which category is still available for you.

See you there!

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