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How We Started the Weekend Festival Everyone is Waiting for: We The Fest 2019

rad museum

Photo by Nareend

The excitement of the crowd bursts as Rad Museum goes on stage to start his set. People
cheering and screaming, singing along to his songs, something out of a movie. Performing after Dewa 19 on the main stage in We The Fest 2019, Rad Museum makes the crowd dance and sing along with him on stage. Bringing songs including ‘Woman’ and ‘Dancing in the Rain’ he then returned backstage as Dean went on to wow the crowd.

rad museum 2

Photo by Nareend

The R&B beats of songs by Dean brings in even more crowd in the already crowded venue which we can clearly see are huge fans of him and Dean clearly exceeded the crowds expectations as he started out his set while greeting the audience.

dean 2

Photo by Nareend

We can clearly say that ‘Love’ was an audience favorite and they sing along to the song in which Dean mentioned that the atmosphere is heating up. He then brings ‘Pour Up’ with the crowd dancing and vibing along. The lighting show was brought up a notch as he started singing ‘Instagram’ with its melancholy tone, accompanied with his wonderful voice people definitely could not get enough of him.

It was sad to see him go with his hit debut song ‘I’m Sorry’ but the crowd definitely enjoyed it especially after Dean mentioning that he will ‘see us again.’ The crowd then dispersed and went their separate ways.


Photo by

For the closing act of day 3, we have Yaeji performing on ‘This Stage is Bananas.’ People were definitely dancing along and having fun as songs like ‘After That’ was played and we can see that Yaeji was definitely also enjoying herself on stage.

Hopefully, this is not the last time we’ll see Korean acts in We The Fest as we are definitely looking forward to the next one already!

Reported by: Laura Olivia

Photos by: Nareend,

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