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D-1: Let’s Meet Our WTF 2019 Giveaway Winner!

Jjangers!! It’s only 1 day ahead to We The Fest 2019. We do really can’t wait to see one of the most hype music festivals that everyone’s talking about in the country! Lots of thanks to ISMAYA, KoreanUpdates became one of #WTF19 official media partner this year!

So, few weeks ago we held a 1-Minute Cover Song to win 2 pairs of daily ticket for 1 winner (psst: the winner can choose their preferred Day). Congratulations to @shafa.yunita who got 2 pairs of #WTF19 daily ticket Day 1. Choosing DEAN’s – Instagram as her song for the contest, apparently she’s one of DEAN’s biggest fan!

Here is a short chit-chat that we held with our winner:

Since when do you start to like DEAN?

Actually, I just found him when he releases ‘Instagram’. The song was really good and made me interested in his other songs, since then I love him more

What is your most anticipated DEAN’s song that you want to see live in #WTF19?

Instagram, Dayfly, 21 I’m Not Sorry, Bonnie & Clyde, and many more! I love all his songs! So, I can’t wait to see him singing it live and sing along with DEAN 

You got 2 pairs of tickets, who will you bring to this music festival?

OFCOURSE MY BESTIE!!! It has always been our dream to watch WTF together, and finally we made it! Thank you KoreanUpdates!

Do you have any other artist that you want to see in Day 1?

Yashh! I want to see Rad Museum, Troye Sivan, Bazzi, Dewa19, and Fourtwnty

Lastly, tell us behind the scene process when you filming your 1-Minute Cover Song?

I made 2 cover songs for the 1-Minute Cover Song KoreanUpdates event: Instagram and I’m Not Sorry. I choose those two songs because I want to synchronize it with my voice because I couldn’t hit high notes, hehe, even thou when I sang I’m Not Sorry it doesn’t sound good enough because of DEAN’s voice is too high for me. For the video making, I was helped by my friend Ninda and Gina, we shoot in my room and one of public place (mall) in East Jakarta. I was pretty ashamed when we’re shooting in the mall, but I hold it for these tickets! Then the hard work pays off! When I recorded the voice, it took a pretty long time, because I want my voice sounds good enough (at least not terrible), so it needed countless of re-take, hehe, and I’m also the one who edit it, so I can suit it with the way I want it to be, and I feel really satisfied with the result. Bunch of thanks to my friends who helped me during the video making, and my Instagram’s friends who always support and help me liked my video, thank you very much!

There it was, our short chit-chat with our 1-Minute Cover Song’s winner. You can check her video on our Instagram account. You also still can buy #WTF19 tickets in their official website (ps: they already announce the daily line-up set time!). Btw, do you know, #WTF19 also insert The City’s Unsung Heroes campaign to this year’s festivals? What a brilliant idea to encourage millennials to increase their empathy by action towards people who are often forgotten by providing donation boxes at #WTF19

Last but not least, we would like to give our gratitude to all of the 1-Minute Cover Song participants ❤

See you in the next giveaway (Don’t forget to follow us on all of our social media account!)

Written by: Hanisa Pratiwi

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