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Light Up Your Colors at TWICE 3rd Visit for ‘TWICELIGHTS’ in Singapore

Just in town last weekend, Singapore ONCEs were in for a night of colors where TWICE held their World Tour ‘TWICELIGHTS’ in SINGAPORE. Appearing on stage in groups of three, TWICE started by performing their hits such as ‘Stuck in my head’, ’Cheer up’ and ‘Touch down’.

Leader JIHYO mentioned that it has been a year since they have last performed in Singapore and are happy to see everyone again. TWICE continued firing up the stage with their powerful performances such as ‘Yes or Yes’, ‘Dance the night away’. TWICE then moved to the extended stage for “After Moon’ as white angels to interact more with Singapore ONCE’s.

TWICE also presented a new side with their special stages, lifting the whole atmosphere to the next level. The special stages included DAHYUN, SANA and TZUYU’s version of Beyonce’s ‘Dance for you’, where the color red is introduced, MOMO, JIHYO’s version of South Korean Boyband group, SHINee Taemin’s solo track ‘Goodbye’, where the color blue is introduced and last by not least, CHAEYOUNG, JEONGYEON and NAYEON’s version of Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ , where the color silver is introduced.


After, TWICE brought in their popular title tracks such as ‘Likey’, ‘What is Love’, ‘Like OHH-AHH’, ‘TT’ . Fans were singing loudly with them which brought an even more exciting atmosphere and turned the concert into a colorful party.


As we came closer to the end of the concert, Singaporean ONCEs prepared a special video for TWICE where fans cheered at the top of their voices when MINA appeared on the screen. TWICE expressed their gratefulness to the fans who came to the concert and apologized for not being able to show full strength in performances. However, they mentioned that they will return as nine again and asked fans to wait patiently for them. TWICE ended their concert showcasing different colors with ‘Signal’, ‘Knock Knock’ and ‘Stuck’.

Reported by: Jennifer Teh
Photos by: Live Nation Singapore

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