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[INTERVIEW] 12 New Things We Learned from THE BOYZ

What will be better choice to start your Saturday morning than knowing that you will be meeting 12 good boys and interview them? Your answer might be different from us, but we love our 2nd time with THE BOYZ as we met the group again hours before their first fan-con in Jakarta yesterday.

We got to sit and asked 12 questions to New, Kevin, Sangyeon, Ju Haknyeon, Sunwoo, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Hwall, Jacob, Q, and Eric, about various things including their thoughts on visiting Indonesia for the first time and the group’s future.


Check out their answers below!

In what aspect do you feel the group has grown the most since your debut in 2017?

Hyunjae: Back then when we just debuted, we only prepared what was given to us and performed just like what we have prepared. Along with the growing numbers of our stage, we can now improve the performance with our own style and make them more harmonized than then.

Does your group have any special tip on managing your team work as a big group with a lot of members?

Eric: Rather than special tip, we are usually going in two-two and taking care of each other’s ‘partner’, so when we realize that someone is missing from the group, their partner can help us to find who it is faster. As the time goes, we are getting more used to taking care of each other and making our relationship grow.

You already won multiple rookie awards. The next one surely will be bigger award for you. What do you think will be the first thing your group do if you won a Daesang (grand award)?

Jacob: That’s a very big award, so we haven’t really thought about that together. But (I think we will) thank the fans for all the love, probably crying, and then I’d really love to celebrate it with all of our members while having a good time to celebrate the award. So, one day…fighting (for that)!

This is your first time in Indonesia. What do you think about this country?

New: This is our first time in Indonesia, but it looks beautiful. Fans also welcomed us dearly since we arrived, so we already could feel the great energy from them.

Is there any local food that you want to try here?

Hwall: Because there are a lot of Indonesian foods that tastes good, I want to try a lot of them. Within those good foods, I tried this fruit named ‘Salak’ and it is delicious!

What do you expect from your fans here (in Indonesia)?

Sangyeon: Just like what New said before, we have met some of our fans through special live broadcast yesterday as well as when we arrived at the airport, and their good energy went through us. After seeing that, we hope that we can witness it again on today’s (6/22) fan-con.

This is your first ever event in Indonesia. How did you feel when you found out that you have a lot of fans here?

Sunwoo: Every time we upload our new music video or do a live broadcast, there always are a lot of Indonesian fans showing their support through comments, so we’ve been knowing about our fans here. After receiving a lot of love though afar, we feel incredibly happy to finally witness their gaze and hear their voice directly.

After ‘Bloom Bloom’, what kind of concept you guys want to try?

Juyeon: Because ‘Bloom Bloom’ is a really cute and youthful concept, it would be great to try a manly and charismatic sexy concept for our next song.

What is THE BOYZ’s charm in your opinion?

Q: First of all, a full package team. Our biggest charm is we have all being it visual, singing, dancing, acting, or variety skill. And also, with each of 12 members, who has different charm, becoming one team, I think it’s a great point that our group have.

What can we expect from THE BOYZ after this tour?

Kevin: I think this tour has been such a great experience for us. We’re learning and maturing in one way somehow on and off stage. And I think that we’re looking forward to just showing you guys the better version of ourselves as mature artist, not just as adults, but as musicians. In the future we want to have our own music and perform our music and show the world exactly what goes in our minds and our hearts. Yeah, we’re looking forward to that, hopefully our fans can look forward to that as well.

What’s your wish for THE BOYZ in the future?

Younghoon: Firstly, we hope that The Bs who are currently supporting us can keep going with us for a long long time. We also wish that more people will know us globally. For THE BOYZ, I hope that we will be working harder to show our good side in the future.

What’s your wish for The B in the future?

Ju Haknyeon: While doing our first Asia tour, we’ve met a lot of people and grow (as a group). After this, we are aiming for a world tour, so please look forward and keep supporting us.

And it’s a wrap! Did you learn 12 new things from THE BOYZ just like us?

We sincerely thank Three Angles Production for giving us the opportunity to meet the boys, hopefully not for the last time!

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