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Bae Jin Young “I’M YOUNG” in Manila

May 18, 2019 became a very memorable date for Bae Jin Young and his Filipino fans. Bae Jin Young’s first solo fan meeting in Manila happened at the New Frontier Theatre. He showed his adorable charms and sexiness throughout the whole fan meeting.

Bae Jin Young stood on stage wearing a pink suit and opened the fan meeting with a cover of TVXQ’s “Hug”. It was then followed by “Oh Little Girl”, a song he performed during Produce 101 Season 2 days. Cheers were heard inside the theater.

Bae Jin Young did not only showed his cuteness but also showed his sexy side. He returned back on stage wearing an all black outfit and performed, The Weeknd’s “The Hills” and “11”, a song he performed together with his fellow Wanna One member, Lai Kuan Lin and Park Ji Hoon.

After these explosive performances, Bae Jin Young introduced himself to the Filipino fans using their language, “Mabuhay! Ako po si Bae Jin Young.” The screams became even louder as Bae Jin Young continues to show his cuteness on stage. The Filipino fans truly missed him.

It was his third time visiting the country. The first two times he visited was when he was promoting as a Wanna One member. This was his first time having a solo event which made it even more special.

Everyone got to know Bae Jin Young more during the “Three Wonders” segment.

  1. Bae Jin Young has this unchanging angles (45 degrees) while taking a photo. When asked why, he said that he actually have no idea why he has this unchanging angles when taking a photo.
  2. Bae Jin Young is more than the 8 deung-shin (8 Head-Figure). The fans all know that Bae Jin Young has a very small face. A lot of people actually envy him for it. In Korea, there is what they call the 8 deung-shin (8 Head-Figure) that seems to be the Korean beauty standard. But Bae Jin Young has exceeded it by being 11 deung-shin (11 Head Figure).
  3. Bae Jin Young asked help from his company during his Produce 101 Season 2 Introduction video, also known as the “Baebastic”. This video was so adorable that it became viral. To satisfy the fans, Bae Jin Young even re-enacted it in a much cuter way.

Bae Jin Young also performed his recently released single, “Hard to Say Goodbye”. The fans were too occupied with his performance that they were just there staring at him and listening at his beautiful voice. Before the fan meeting ended, Bae Jin Young danced to Justin Bieber’s “Baby”.

He thanked everyone for their unconditional love to him and promised everyone that he will come back to give back the love he just received from them. “I really want to thank you all. Thanks to you all, I’m able to stand before you. I will give you back more. Mahal ko kayo.”

Thank you CDM Entertainment for bringing Bae Jin Young in Manila. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this night.

Photos by: Althea Lusterio

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