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Get to Know Man Behind ‘Dancing in The Rain’ : RAD MUSEUM

RAD MUSEUM aka CAMPER (born name Soh Jaehoon) is one of the versatile rising star in R&B – Hip Hop genres in today’s South Korean underground music. Just like what you can discover and feel in a museum, RAD MUSEUM wants to provide various forms of arts to express himself. “Scene”, is his first EP that released in 2017, including Dancing in the Rain, a chill song that you need to hear when you spend your ‘me-time’ or maybe in a long ride.

Rad Museum

RAD MUSEUM also released many other songs featuring DEAN, Crush, Punchnello, Colde, Miso, and so on. Rad Museum not only creates his own music through singing and music producing, but also do various things such as graphic design, DJ-ing, tattoo art, and many more. The super multi-talented producer will soon perform in WE THE FEST 2019, Jakarta, Indonesia. Rad Museum latest single was ‘Dayfly’, featuring DEAN and Sulli (former-SM girl group f(x)). Psst, who knows that they will sing Dayfly in WTF 2019?. They also have Rae Sremmurd, Troye Sivan, Daniel Caesar, Anne-Marie, and of course: DEAN. So, secure your tickets now at

For those who like feel good music, you better explore Rad Museum ☺

Written by: Hanisa Pratiwi

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