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Drunk on JUS2 During “FOCUS Premiere Showcase Tour” in Jakarta

GOT7’s brand new sub-unit, JUS2, has finally visited Indonesia for their Premiere Showcase: FOCUS. JUS2 which consisting of JB and Yugyeom successfully rocking the stage that was held last Sunday, 21 April 2019 at Nusantara Hall, Indonesia Convention Exhibition. JUS2 kicked start of “FOCUS Premiere Concert” with their sexy performance to “Long Black” and “Drunk on You” which gave so much hype to all fans. Ahgases cheered all of their best during the opening performance.

Not only JUS2, but we have special guest who made the night more special. Yes, we had Bambam as the MC of the night! After the opening performance, Bambam came up to the stage and built the mood even more fun. Bambam opened the Q&A session with JB and Bambam discussing about JUS2’s album: Focus. JB explained that JUS2’s album: Focus gives elegant vibes in every song in it. They want to show different vibes that usually GOT7 has. The songs are more to chilling song, with a touch of chic and sexiness in the melody and also the choreography.

Honestly, I thought I really really sexy…. Not only sexy but on top of sexy, more sexy” – JB said when Bambam asked him about his sexiness.

Bambam also asked JB and Yugyeom to show a sneak peek of their choreography. Yugyeom started the dance shyly, and JB continued the dance after to complete the Q&A answer session with JUS2.

After that, Bambam continued the session with “FOCUS ON JUS2” Session. It’s a session where JB and Yugyeom play a match game, matching the question and answer through a drawing or words on whiteboard. The one who lose had to dance cutely and sexily at the same time. Here is the sum up:

1. What kind of clothes do you wear when you go to sleep?
Yugyeom: Doesn’t wear any top, but wear shorts
(JB’s answer was correct)

2. What kind of clothes do you wear when you go to sleep?
Yugyeom: Scrambled Egg
(JB’s answer was slightly incorrect: Fried Egg)

1. What is your favorite stretching pose?
JB: Laying down while stretch the legs up
(Yugyeom’s answer was incorrect: Squat)

2. What kind of perfume fragrance you like the most?
JB: Something like spices. Wood!
(Yugyeom’s answer was incorrect: Jasmine)

Yugyeom lost the game and accepted the punishment.

Bambam continued the showcase with second session called “FOCUS ON ME”. This session is where JB and Yugyeom made interaction with random Ahgases who attended the showcase. The cameraman randomly chose two fans to play Eye Contact Game with JUS2. After the game session ended, Bambam signed out from the stage, the duo remained on and giving two powerful stage with their solo performance for “Sunrise” and “Fine”.

JUS2 then continued the showcase with another songs from JUS2’s album, “Senses” and heated up the stage even more with their album’s title track “Focus on Me”. Ahgases
couldn’t stop chanting the fanchants loudly to cheer JB and Yugyeom on stage.

A little talk session with JB and Yugyeom, they reminded us that GOT7 will make comeback soon and told all Ahgases to anticipate the comeback. No spoiler from them unfortunately :”)

Yes! We want more! JUS2 fulfilled our wants with “Love Talk” and even performed GOT7’s main tracks from Flight Log Trilogy: “Hard Carry” and “Never More” and continued the stage with one of track from Flight Log Arrival “Go Higher”. Bambam surprised all fans with his appearance during the performance as well, crowds were hyping up throughout the song.

Wait, the showcase hasn’t over yet. After taking photo together, JB and Yugyeom made
reappearance by performing “Focus on Me” again with different outfits. This was fancam
event where all of the fans freely take any photo and video during the performance also the closing performance from JUS2. The showcase came to an end after JB and Yugyeom saying goodbye to all Ahgases.

We would like to thank Mecima Pro and JYP Entertainment for the chance to witness yet another amazing show. See you at the next event, Jjangers!

Written by: Angela Miranti

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