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From Hot ‘Body’ to Drinks: Eric Nam Went All Out in Melbourne

The audience welcomed Lakyn started on stage with his amazing performance and vibed with the crowd. He made sure the crowd sure enjoy their sweet time in the venue before welcoming Eric Nam on stage. After the people were warmed up and ready to scream for Eric, the intro to ‘Potion’ started playing and Eric was finally on stage, synchronizing with his background dancers and singing with that sweet sweet voice of his.

Eric Nam made sure the crowd were enjoying themselves while asking how we felt once in a while throughout the concert. He mentioned a couple of things during his first ment which included the fact that he can’t stand Vegemite (it was probably the third time within the first couple of minutes in the concert) and insisted on it especially because there were huge Vegemite signs brought by the Nam Nations (fans of Eric Nam’s) which was welcomed with laughter.

A couple of songs were done without his super talented background dancers, which highlighted Eric’s stage presence even more. A couple of his songs that he sang without background dancers included ‘This Is Not A Love Song’ and ‘Heaven’s Door’ He did his debut song, ‘Heaven’s Door,’ without any dance whatsoever because he claimed that it was too cheesy but let’s be real, who would even notice that he wasn’t dancing when everyone is distracted with the fact that Eric gave out roses to fans and with everyone hoping that it would be them).

While the atmosphere heated up, Eric mentioned that just because his show in Melbourne is an 18+ show does not mean there would be anything different from the prior Aussie stops i.e. him going shirtless. But he did take off a piece of his clothing after the audience kept on telling him to take off his shirt. No, he did not take off his shirt, but he did say “if that’s what you want” and went off the stage to come back without his jacket. Eric then proceeded to discuss about the song ‘Body’ and how his mom said that she didn’t want him to perform ‘Body’ too much because the dance moves were too sexy and that “God is watching” and every time he performs ‘Body’ it would decrease the chances of him going to heaven. I guess the jokester gene runs in the family, because Mrs. Nam, you are hilarious.

Not forgetting the people at the back of the venue, Eric gave them a shoutout as he went down and sang along with the fans who were in the front. Things slowed down when the lights in the venue turned off and a sea of flashlights came on with fans singing along to the song ‘Hold Me.’

Eric then explained that he wrote that song when things were hard for him and he wanted the fans to ‘hold him.’ You can definitely hear the sincerity in his lyrics and from the way he perform which brought my goosebumps to be honest and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. Before encore, Eric managed to sing a couple of lines from songs that weren’t on his setlist which includes ‘4am,’ ‘Stop the Rain,’ ‘I’m OK,’ and ‘Bravo My Life’ all acapella. He then proceeds to take a picture with the fans while holding a flag with a kangaroo and ‘Nam Nation.’ When encore came round, he surprised us with a cover of BTS’ ‘IDOL’ and let’s just say Eric Nam definitely does the song justice.

Sharing a beer with your favorite idol is definitely something in a fan’s bucket list and  Eric helped made that dream come true. He handed out a couple of beers to share with the fans in the front and then wrapped up the final concert in Australia with ‘Can’t Help Myself,’ in which he splashed water towards the crowd.

It was definitely an experience that one would never forget. We wish you a speedy recovery (he was feeling under the weather) and we hope to see you back in the land down under soon Eric!

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