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[FEATURE] Meet the Rookie Group DREAMNOTE

iME Korea, a global entertainment group, has joined the Korean Wave as they debut their first ever girl group last November 2018. DreamNote, who was previously known as the iME Girls, released their first single album “Dreamlike”, as well as their music video for their title track “Dream Note”. They are an 8-member girl group – Sumin, Eunjo, Habin, Lara, Hanbyeol, Miso, Youi, and Boni.

The group’s name, DreamNote, is a combination of two words, DREAM (which has an English meaning of ‘what you want to do in the future’, and a Korean meaning of ‘giving’) and NOTE (which means ‘youngster’s space). Their name simply means that the group wants to share their dreams with the fans. As a part of the KPOP culture, DREAMNOTE also has chosen their official colors – Joyful Green and Cheerful Yellow. They have not yet released their fandom name.


Let’s look closer at each member and know more about them.


Her real name is Park Sumin (박수민) and was born on September 7, 2001. Because of her talents and charms, she gained various positions in the group such as the Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocal, Rap, and Center Visual.

If you are familiar with YG Entertainment’s Survival Show, MIXNINE, you might have seen her. Sumin took part in the show. She even managed to be a part of the Top 3 due to her great talent and charms. Unfortunately, the MIXNINE debut team was cancelled, so they had to go back to their agencies.

She also appeared on JTBC Teen Dating Reality ‘너에게 반했음’.


Lara’s real name is Moon Sinae (문신애) and was born on August 9, 2000. Because of her amazing vocal skills, she is known as the group’s Main Vocal.

Before her debut with DreamNote, she and her fellow member Miso, lent their voices for the soundtrack of a Korean Drama ‘When Time Stopped (시간이 멈추는 그때)’. The song was titled ‘As You Dream (꿈꾸는 대로)’.




She is known with her stage name “Boni” but her real name is Choi Euijeong (최의정). She was born on October 30, 1999 which makes her the eldest member in the group. Her position in the group is the Lead Vocal.

Before debuting, she used to do ballets which made her (according to her) the most flexible member in the group. But aside from performing, she is also interested in clothes and promises to be a fashionista in the future!




Her real name is Kim Jihyeon (김지현) while her stage name is Youi (유아이). The members voted for her to be the leader of the group. Aside from that, she is also the Lead Dancer.

She joined the team 10 months before their official debut. One fun fact about her is that she has a special talent in belly dancing which actually made her win a top prize in a competition.




Eunjo was born on March 7, 2002. The same with Sumin, she also joined YG Entertainment Survival Audition Programme ‘MIXNINE’, as well as appeared on JTBC Teen Dating Reality ‘너에게 반했음 (I’ve Fallen For You)’.

Even if she is not the oldest in the group, she is considered as the “Mom” of DreamNote because of her skills in different household chores like laundry, cleaning, and washing the dishes. She is also considered as the best cook in the group.




Aside from being the Lead Dancer and Lead Vocal, Hanbyeol is also the maknae or the youngest in the group. She was born on October 13, 2003.

Together with Sumin and Eunjo, she also joined the reality show MIXNINE.



Jeon Jimin (전지민), or more known as Miso (her stage name), was born on October 25, 2000. She is also known for her great vocals which made her the main vocal of the group.

Being a trainee for 4-5 years has really improved her singing abilities. She was one of the members who lent her voice for the soundtrack of the Korean Drama ‘When Time Stopped (시간이 멈추는 그때)’.

In the future, she wishes to appear on Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook.



Habin was born on March 10, 2002. Having her own style of expressing different emotions with her body, she is considered as the group’s Main Dancer.

One fun fact about Habin is that she can impersonate Voldemort from Harry Potter.

In the future, she wishes to appear on Weekly Idol and Idol Room.




Their debut title track, Dream Note, is actually a perfect song for them since this song represents their determination and energy to move forward to their dream of standing on the stage. Their debut track was an upbeat type of pop song, a retro-ish feeling, yet shows brightness and freshness.


To be updated more about DreamNote, make sure to follow them on their official SNS accounts.

Twitter: @iMe_Dreamnote
Instagram: @iMe_Dreamnote
Youtube: Dreamnote
vLive: Dreamnote

We are looking forward to see more of DreamNote in the future!

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