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Indonesia MY DAY Surprised DAY6 with a Sing Along Concert

This might not be the first time the band, DAY6, visiting Indonesia, but the hype from Indonesia MY DAYs is not even getting low for the boys!

December 8, the 5 member band from JYP Entertainment make another visit to Jakarta, Indonesia to meet MY DAY and undoubtedly delivering the best performance of the night, or maybe years.


More than 20 songs performed, including their hit title track ‘I Smile’, ‘I Wait’, ‘Letting Go’, ‘Dance Dance’, ‘You Were Beautiful’, and more. DAY6 can’t hide their excitement as they performed and having fun together with Indonesia MY DAY. “That’s what I’m talking about Jakarta!” as Jae shouted, burning up the stage even more. Before moving to the next stage, the members introduced themselves in bahasa Indonesia and once again thanking fans for having them again, on their own show, a full concert.

The beautiful melody and hard beat combined into one show, MY DAY can’t stop waving their lightband and not even hesitate to jump around, singing along with the band! Though we know we’re supposed to remain seated throughout the show, Young K invite MY DAYs in front who sit, to stand and jump together, of course, who will say no to Young K?



Oh the other side, MY DAY also never disappoint, they deliver their best sing along as Wonpil asked them during ‘I’m Serious’, DAY6 were all wow-ing on how MY DAY could sing all the parts and even during ‘Congratulations’ it was all a whole collaboration between DAY6 x MY DAY. “I feel like I want to give you all of our parts (in singing).” 

The party is still goes on till the very end of the show. As fans were jumping around, Jae suddenly walk through the section going back and greet MY DAYS at the back. We’re pretty sure you guys also not expecting that! The boys express their gratitude for being able to perform in Jakarta. Sungjin and Dowoon both said they always have new beautiful memory as they went back to Jakarta.

As the show is nearly end, DAY6 request for a photo group and guess what? They suddenly sang a snippet of ‘Separuh Aku’ which they sang on their last visit to Jakarta. Too bad we can’t hear it full on this show, but it surely bring flashback memories to their epic ‘Separuh Aku’ performance last time.


DAY6 makes sure to fans that this won’t be the last time they visiting Indonesia. Guess we need to wait and saving up more for them! And also as Young K said, as we wait for them to comeback… Don’t forget to be happy 🙂

Thank you Mecima Pro for another invitation to witness the amazing 5 boys on stage. As always a well done show right here, see you on the next show!

Photo credits: Mecimapro

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