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Third Visit, Thrice the Greatness! SEVENTEEN Very Nicely Wrapped Up “IDEAL CUT in Jakarta”

Debuted in 2015, yet they had been in Indonesia for thrice already, can you guess who it is?


Yes, it is SEVENTEEN!

With “IDEAL CUT in Jakarta”, SEVENTEEN, a Korean boy group consists of 13 talented and handsome boys was here again In Jakarta to meet Indonesian Carats! The nearly 3-hour concert was held in Indonesia Convention Center BSD City on 16th September 2018.

The thirteen members of SEVENTEEN firstly appeared on stage looking amazing and shining with their all black clothes. As usual, Carats showed their biggest support by giving a loud cheering. Even SEVENTEEN said that Indonesian Carats are very energetic and loud, it gave them energy to perform well. It was also very amusing how every Carat was able to memorize the fan chant, especially when chanting members’ names one by one in a short time. It was Aju Nice!



When they were performing “Flower”, Wonwoo, slipped quiet hard and it seemed that he hurt his left shoulder because after he didn’t really move it that much. Yet, he still showed his best and tried to making it not too obvious so the fans won’t be worried. This time the boys also showed their Indonesian language skill again by saying some words such as “Aku Kangen Kalian” (I miss you) and “Aku Cinta” (I love), which responded by loud cheers from Carats.


If we are talking about SEVENTEEN concert, then we cannot miss their high quality performances. Even with 13 members they are like one, with synchronized dance which is one of their best trait after all. It could be shown clearly that they were very passionate and enjoy performing in front of all their fans.


It was such a great and very happy night.

Thank you to our beloved partner Mecima Pro for bringing these 13 boys to meet Indonesian Carats again this year. It was such an unforgettable night thanks to all of the staff’s awesome works.


Since SEVENTEEN has been visiting Indonesia once a year since 2016, can we expect another show in 2019 too, then?

We hope that Carats will be able to meet their favorite again next year,

Or even better.. soon.

Written by: Jesica Hawari
Photos cr: Mecima Pro

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