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TWICE Wrap Up Their Tour and Share Their Excitement Meeting Indonesia ONCEs

The 9 beautiful girls finally landed in Jakarta, Indonesia for the very first time for their tour “Twiceland Zone 2: Fantasy Park” also being the last stop for their Asia tour. TWICE can’t hide their excitement to meet Indonesia ONCEs as they will meet for the first time ever and they express it during the press conference which is held one day before the concert.

Q: How do you feel coming for the first time in Indonesia?

A: [Sana] We actually came here yesterday and Indonesia fans were really excited so we can’t wait to meet our fans in Indonesia.

Q: Is there any Indonesian words that you learn?

A: [Jeongyeon] terima kasih (thank you), sama-sama (you’re welcome). [Dahyun] hita-hita ya. Hati hati ya! (Be careful)

Q:  Have you tried Indonesian food?

A: [Chaeyoung] We have tried Nasi Goreng (fried rice). [Mina] We have tried Nasi Goreng. I want to try Mie Goreng (fried noodle).

Q: What special performance that you prepared for fans in Indonesia?

A: [Sana] We prepared a lot. This Twiceland concert is different than before. In this concert we prepared more various performance so it worth to wait. [Jihyo] It’s our first time in Indonesia and we have been waiting for this. So we prepared a lot of special stage.

Q: What do you think about Indonesia ONCE?

A: [Jihyo] We have gone to several countries, but Indonesia ONCEs reaction are really impressive.

Q: What is ONCE to Twice?

A: [Tzuyu] Lovable. I meant ONCE are really supportive and they love our songs. That what makes ONCE lovable.

Q: What is the most memorable moment from ONCE?

A: [Nayeon] We always remember every moment with ONCE. But the most memorable moment is at the concert so we can’t wait to meet Indonesian fans.

Q: Indonesia is your last stop. How do you feel during this tour?

A: [Jihyo] We usually have concert only in Korea and Japan. But because of this tour we can travel around the world and meet fans in various countries, and we thought that it is really memorable.

Q: What is the most memorable moment on this tour?

A: [Nayeon] We surprised by foreign fans because they can call us in Korean. It’s really memorable for us.

Q: What are you waiting for on tomorrow’s concert?

A: [Chaeyoung] It’s our first time in Indonesia and we can’t wait to feel the energy from Indonesia ONCE.

Q: Any messages for Indonesia ONCE?

A: [Momo] We have been waiting for this concert in Indonesia. We and ONCE can’t wait for the concert. So we hope that our fans can enjoy the concert with us.

The short but fun press conference ended as they bid good bye to all medias. Thank you Mecima Pro for having us and we really can’t wait for the concert tomorrow!

Reported by: Valencia Brigitta

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