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Chili Crab, Special Stages, and Tears at TWICE 2nd Visit for ‘Fantasy Park in Singapore’

Before their concert yesterday, current Korea’s hottest girl group, TWICE, met with the media for a fun press conference.


Through the conference, the girls said to look forward for their concert as there will be more unique stages to keep the concert fun and interesting. TWICE also mentioned that they really love local food like Chili crabs, pepper crabs, and even Singaporean mantou too. They expressed their wish to eat them real soon in Singapore.

Leader Jihyo said that they are grateful for being able to be back in Singapore for a concert again and having double times the number of fans at a venue. When asked about what are the items TWICE members must bring during their overseas schedules, Jihyo said that she needs to bring her camera as she loves to take photos, and Jeongyeon needs to bring her headphone as she feels discomfort in her ears whenever she takes flight. Whereas for Dahyun, she said that mask and aloe vera cream are a must as she wear make up for whole day Long .

Momo chose “TT” as her favorite song as that song made the group to be more famous. Furthermore, “TT” also has catchy choreography that fans can even learn and dance along with them. For fans who wish to learn Korean, Tzuyu recommended their new song, “What is Love?” to help understanding the lyrics while listening to it before the girls ended the press conference.

Double the audience, double the fun!

The 3 hours concert of “TWICE 2ND TOUR ‘TWICELAND ZONE 2 : FANTASY PARK’ IN SINGAPORE” was opened by TWICE performing their hits such as “Like Ooh-Ahh”, “Cheer up”, “Likey”, and “Signal”. The concert itself was held on June 17 at Singapore Indoor Stadium.


TWICE let ONCEs to see more of their different sides and talents with special stages, which made the fans went crazy. The special stages included Dahyun’s solo version of “Rainism”, Jeongyeon & Nayeon‘s duet of the song “My Ear’s Candy” which screamed over by fans each time both of them got closer. Tzuyu, Momo, and Jihyo performed a sexy performance with cover of Beyonce’s “End of Times”. On the other hand, Sana, Mina, and Chaeyoung performed the cute version of Wax’s “Oppa” with no less screams from the audience.


TWICE also brought their title tracks such as “Knock Knock”, “What is Love?” and “TT”. Fans were singing loudly with them which brought an even more exciting atmosphere and turned the concert into more like a party.

As we came closer to the end of the concert, Singaporean ONCEs prepared a special video for TWICE, including videos from their performances in Korea. The memories that are being brought back then moved Jihyo into tears as she was touched by the present. TWICE expressed their gratefulness to the fans who came to the concert and hope for them to return again to their concert next year.


Korean Updates would like to thanks One Production for the invitation and wish to meet the girls again soon!

Written by: Jennifer Teh
Photos by:, One Production

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