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JBJ – A History, to Bangkok Concert’s Highlights

As many of you already know, Just Be Joyful (JBJ) as known as정말 바람직한 조합  “A Perfectly Perfect Combination” (fan made) was a group that ‘made’ by fans of a TV Program: Produce 101 Season 2. The nominated members are so-so-so-so talented, but unfortunately, they didn’t receive public’s attention which they deserve. Actually, in Produce 101 Season 1, the same thing already happen girl group I Believe It (I.B.I), consists of Yoon Chaekyung, Han Hyeri, Kim Sohee, Lee Soohyun, and Lee Haein.


“The fantasy group” became a trend in Korean netizen (Knetz), fortunately, the members knew about this and uploaded some of group selca which nominated by fans: Noh Taehyun (leader/dance), Takada Kenta (vocal), Kwon Hyunbin (rap), Kim Taedong (dance), Kim Sanggyun (rap), Kim Yongguk (vocal), Kim Donghan (maknae/dance).


Many fans get hyped about this fantasy group and make their own fanmade video, concept album, lightstick, even a fandom name: Amazing Team Maker (ATM), which later changed into the official one: Joyful. The hype wasn’t only got the K-fans, but also spread to the international fans. As the demand keeps increasing, FAVE Entertainment finally stated that JBJ will debut soon. After taking some time for preparation, JBJ debut in a showcase on 18th October 2017 in hwajung Gymnasium Korea University with title track: Fantasy.

Since October 2017 until April 2018, JBJ already released 2 albums: Fantasy and True Colors, with 2 singles: Fantasy and My Flower. They also got many awards and nominations such as Rising Star Award – Asia Artist Awards (won), Kpop Singer Award – Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards (won), Global Rookie Top 5 – V Live Awards (won), and Best Rookie Group Male – Korean Entertainment Arts Awards (won). JBJ grab their 1st -ever-win for “My Flower” on Music Bank, earlier in this year. So many things happen within less than a year for both of JBJ and Joyful.


Last month, an official statement said that JBJ won’t extend their contract. This makes their JBJ 1st Asia Concert: Joyful Days will be (but we hope not) their 1st and last concert Asia tour which will be (and already) held in Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan. Despite the sad news, JBJ will released a final album: New Moon on 17th April 2018.


Meanwhile, JBJ already successfully held their Joyful Days concert (sold out) in Bangkok, Thailand on 31st March 2018 (Thunder Dome, Muang Thong Thani). Throughout the concert, these are some of the highlights which made Joyful ‘histerically’ screaming:

  • Kim Donghan and Takada Kenta took over a fan’s phone in a performance. Kenta even took a selca.
  • Kim Yongguk sang OST Goblin – Beautiful (Crush) beautifully, some said that he cried while singing the song (aww~ poor Yongguk T__T)
  • Kim Donghan sexy solo dance cover Taemin – Move
  • Kim Sanggyun hot rap solo – So Blind (he cover his eyes with a black scraft)
  • Roh Taehyun synchronized solo dance to remix songs of: Desiigner – Outlet | GTA Feat. Lamsu – Contract | Krs. – Falling ft. Kes. The Band | Brasstracks feat Lido & FatherDude – Telling The Truth
  • Kwon Hyunbin amazingly GOD solo stage
  • Takada Kenta – Bubbly hilarious dance solo (you must see!! Kenta so cute!)
  • And also, best of the best: Joyful’s beautiful hand banner project (어딜 가든 우리 함께 걸어가요): wherever you go, let’s walk together)  and light at the tribune that said “Together “

Meanwhile, JBJ will hold their next concert in Jakarta, Indonesia on 7th April 2018. Indonesian Joyful, make sure you witness their live performances okay!

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